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Usui Do [Usui's Way], propagated by Dave King, is said to constitute:
"an authentic reconstruction" of the "meditative, Spiritual system" of Mikao Usui.

According to Dave King, Usui Do, is about "Unity of self through harmony and balance" and is a means of achieving "Empathic connection with the self and all of creation." Usui do does not focus on healing others.

While, from this, one might initially be forgiven for believing that Usui Doi and Usui Teate are almost identical, Usui Do practitioners are at pains to point out that the system has no connection with any other interpretation of Usui-Sensei's teachings.

It is not based on Mikkyo Buddhist teachings, has no ritual content, Qi Gung-type practices, etc; and it is not necessary to learn any Japanese terminology in order to practice the system.

Usui Do is taught in the traditional Japanese 'Dojo' format - more familiar to practitioners of the Martial Arts - with students (referred to as doka) attending on a regular basis. The original system was divided into 13 levels, apparently based on the grading system divised by the founder of Judo: Jigoro Kano.

While, in progressing through each of the 8 lower grades, the Usui Do student will at each stage undergo a rite-of-passage referred to as a 'transformation', this is not an 'empowerment', 'attunement' or 'initiation' process, merely a rite of acknowledgement of the level achieved.

The Usui Do teachings were unknown to the western world until December 1971, when - according to Dave - as a result of a chance encounter in Southern Morocco, Dave and a number of other Taoist Qi Gung students (including Melissa ['Shen-lissa'] Riggall and George Mullen) who were holidaying there, received training in the Usui system from a Japanese gentleman named Yuji Onuki.

Yuji Onuki, is said to have been born in 1898 and to have been - from 1926 until 1930 - a student of Toshihiro Eguchi [a friend, student and associate of Usui Sensei].

Onuki - apparently dressed only in a simple robe and sandals - and carrying a blanket and a small leather shoulder-bag containing a few hundred Yen - was, so we are told, travelling around the world in order to pass on the Usui system to anyone who was willing to learn it.

However, prior to encountering the Qi Gung students in Morocco, Onuki had apparently only taught two other groups since leaving Japan.

According to George Mullen, Onuki, accompanied by a Russian friend, had made his way by ship from Yokohama to Russia. There he had boarded the Trans-Siberian railway to Moscow, and from there on to Marseilles, then along the Mediterranean coast to Spain, eventually reaching Southern Morocco where he met Dave, Melissa, George and the others.

George also states that, during the time they spent training with him, the septuagenarian Onuki slept nightly on the beach....

Dave King also tells us that later, in 1995, another chance encounter - this time in rural Japan with a gentleman called Tatsumi, - presented him with a further opportunity to expand his understanding of Usui-Do.

To the information provided by Onuki and Tatsumi, additional information is said to have been provided by a number of Usui-Sensei's (still -surviving) students.

One of these long-lived individuals is said to be a Buddhist nun (born in 1897) who had worked with Usui-Sensei from 1920 until 1926.

This nun, referred to as 'Mariko-Obaasan', has apparently provided a valuable insight into the day-to-day activities of Usui's dojo, and is a primary source of much of the 'new' history of Reiki.



For more concerning Usui Do, see http://reikinews.site.voila.fr/page2.html [- half way down page]



Some time back around early/mid September 2004, Dave King had begun referencing 'Usui Teate' on his Usui-do website 

By March 2005 a statement had appeared on Dave's site to the effect that only Laurie Anne King and Dave himself had been authorised to teach 'Usui Teate' outside of Japan. However, some what confusingly the 'Usui Teate' as offered by Dave and Laurie is, according to Dave, not the same as the Usui Teate taught by Chris Marsh(!)

Chris Marsh has apparently now given up teaching his 'Usui Teate' materials...


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