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[Additional footnote, Jan 2007]


Usui Teate, propagated by Chris Marsh and Andy Bowling, is said to constitute the Spiritual Teachings of Mikao Usui.

According to Usui Teate, Usui Sensei spoke of these teachings as the "Method to achieve Personal Perfection".

We are now (mid 2003) being told that these teachings are purely about spiritual practice [which can be undertaken regardless of the student's religious leanings] and do not actually equate with what we generally understand by the term 'Reiki'.

Rather, to quote Andy, Usui Teate is "the Spiritual Path undertaken by Usui Sensei which resulted in the birth of Reiki."

They tell us that the Usui Teate teachings are about 'Personal Mastery' and 'healing of the self' - as opposed to healing others - which is a little confusing as the term teate specifically refers to a hand/palm based treatment modality with a focus on healing others...

Chris and Andy's source for these Spiritual Teachings is - so we are told - a Buddhist nun: Suzuki-san, who it is claimed, was a student of Usui Sensei's.

[Though it must be stated that concerns regarding the authenticity of Suzuki-san's teachings have been raised in some quarters, some even going so far as to question the very existence of this Buddhist nun who is shielded from the public apparently in order to respect her privacy.]

We are told that, although studying these Spiritual Teachings with Usui-Sensei, Suzuki-san was only introduced to the 'palm healing' (teate) as a secondary practice.

The information and teachings that constitute Usui Teate seem to be in a ongoing state of flux - continually being modified and updated.

According to Chris and Andy - this is necessary as they learn more about Usui Teate from Suzuki-san.

The teachings of Usui Teate are held to be 'Special' but not 'Secret', and are only taught directly on an ongoing one-to-one basis - no manuals are provided, not even course guidelines.

Apparently the teachings [Based on Buddhism and Shinto] are adapted and tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, with each student only being taught what they are considered ready to comprehend and appreciate at any given time.

The initial Spiritual Practices of Usui Teate focus on 'cleansing', 'opening' and 'Mindfulness' as a precursor to self-healing. The receiving of Reiju may also be a feature of the initial stages.

Usui Teate is not something which can be learnt in a couple of days, or even over the course of a year.

Gradually, over time students are introduced to, and work with, an open-ended series of meditations aimed at the deepening/developong of their spirituality.

According to Usui Teate, the ability to heal others is considered a relatively minor by-product of the Self-development process. In Usui Teate, Reiju is not considered an empowerment for developing healing abilities (ie. for healing others), but rather for deepening ones own spiritual development and discovering ones own true essence.


For more concerning Usui Teate, see http://reikinews.site.voila.fr/page2.html



As of 2006, Andy Bowling has dismantled his website and has apparently decided to distance himself from Reiki.

One can only speculate as to what discoveries led him to take this action ...

Chris Marsh has apparently now given up teaching the 'Usui Teate' materials.

However, it is perhaps interesting to note that, back around early/mid September 2004, Dave King of Usui-do had begun referencing 'Usui Teate' on his Usui-do website.

By March 2005 a statement had appeared on Dave's site to the effect that only Laurie Anne King and Dave himself had been authorised to teach Usui Teate outside of Japan. However, some what confusingly the 'Usui Teate' as offered by Dave and Laurie is, according to Dave, not the same as the 'Usui Teate' taught by Chris Marsh(!)

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