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#  Reiki = Rei + Ki ?

'Reiki' is one complete word in its own right.

Yes, in order to write this particular* word 'Reiki', we use the two kanji which in isolation represent the words Rei, and Ki respectively - though Reiki is not 'Rei Ki'...

It is a common belief that, by breaking a thing down into its component parts, we may better understand it - yet here we may also encounter confusion...

Imagine someone who has been attempting to teach themself English as second language.

While they already have a substantial vocabulary, they have heard the following words, but do not know what they mean:

. Antelope
. Legend
. Idealist
. Father
. Gauntlet
. Target

They decide that the easiest way to grasp the meaning of these words is to break them down into – as they see it – their component parts, and then simply combine the meanings of these parts

and so they begin:

"Antelope? Ant-elope... 'Ant' & 'Elope'!
OK, I know these words. Now, just combine the meanings, and... wow, that was easy!"

"Antelope: .an insect who runs away with their beloved"

and so, they begin to work their way through the remainder of the words:

. Legend . . . ... . – 'Leg' & 'End'

. Idealist . . . . . . – 'Idea' & 'List'

. Father . . . . . .. – 'Fat' & 'Her'

. Gauntlet . . . . . – 'Gaunt' & 'Let'

Simple, really!

* There are several other Japanese words pronounced 'Reiki' which have totally different mean

#  Reiki - Eyes and Hearts

In receiving Reiki initiation our eyes should be closed...

In practising Reiki, our hearts should be open...

# Reiki and the need for Protection

Is protection needed within Reiki?

IMO, yes, absolutely.

Though there is no need to look to 'add-ons' adopted-in from other traditions.

Protection is needed within Reiki, and protection exists within Reiki

Reiki gives us that protection

And the 'clearer' our Reiki flows ( i.e. the more 'fine-tuned' our Reiki is), the greater the protection it affords us.

As Takata-sensei said:

"Your Reiki power is like a aura, its a glow, and you are radiating out, and that energy is stronger than what it can penetrate into you ... no darkness can penetrate you"


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