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#  On how to "be Reiki" ...

Reiki Ryoho is a system that promotes healing.

is the the 'motive force' behind that system.

Reiki RyohoMethod of healing (/treatment) with Reiki.

As to what 'Reiki' itself is:

On one rather simplistic level, the term 'Reiki' may be perceived as referring to Spirit (Rei) Energy
(ki), however,
'energy' is in fact one of the lesser or secondary meanings of the word 'ki'.

The term 'Reiki' also means 'aura' (i.e. the semi-tangible emanation of our spirit).

And when used as a suffix, -ki speaks of the dynamic quality of a thing
- in this case, the 'Rei' or spirit.

Thus, 'Reiki' can be understood as:

The manifestation, influence or effect (ki) of spirit (rei).

As an adjective, "Reiki" can also simply mean 'spiritual'.

So, to "be Reiki" is, perhaps:

- to be spiritual

- to manifest spirit

- to 'get out of the way and let your spirit act'

#  On Choku rei and 'spirals'...

Many people have attempted to view the  CKR in terms of the 'mystic spiral', 'labyrinth pattern', etc.

However IMO (and it is simply that: my opinion), this line of association is inspired by a Western mindset, not a Japanese one.

We do better to put aside all concept of 'spiral' or
'labyrinth' if we seek to get to the true spirit of CKR...

#  On 'Grounding'

Grounding' in the sense that the term is commonly used in Reiki can actually refer to a couple of different yet associated concepts:

The first, is about the electrical analogy of a 'ground-wire' - of creating a process for the release of harmful energies down into the earth for transformation...

The second, and perhaps more important, is about the process of constantly returning to a centred state of being 'here-now' - aware of yourself - yet at the same time, focussed on the external world that is part of your immediate experience.

Concerning this latter usage of the term, we can achieve grounding by the practice of various 'mindfulness meditations'.

Sometimes, however, without conscious invitation on our part, life itself assists in the process:

You are hurrying along a busy street in 'autopilot mode', subconsciously you know your intended route and your body is following it;  but you are otherwise occupied with 'head-stuff'
 - that report due tomorrow morning; Chinese stir-fry or a microwave ready-meal for dinner; did I send that confirmation email; there was something I was supposed to do at 9pm, what was I... WOOOSH!
A passing bus has just run through the biggest puddle the world has ever known - and you are suddenly absolutely drenched in very cold water...

That gasp of breath, that sudden, eyes-wide, freezing, shocked-back-into-the-moment – that’s grounding.

#  On Reiki Insurance and the acceptance of Certificates...

It has been said that Certificates (Reiki or otherwise), are designed for three things:

 - to impress clients

 - to inflate egos

- to cover damp patches on walls

Personally, with the state of much Reiki ...
[I was going to say 'Training', but far too many folk nowadays are simply attuned, and don't actually receive any training, so I’ll start again]

Personally, with the poor quality of many Reiki courses today, and with no real standards as to what actually constitutes
'Reiki Therapeutic Practice' I feel that any insurer who accepts a Reiki certificate as proof of competency to practice the art professionally, needs to go and do some urgent research....

#  On accepting 'energy'   (afterall, everything is all just the same energy, right?) 

Perhaps it is true that everything in existence is "all the same energy"

Yet what makes one thing different from another is that this 'same energy' is made manifest in a myriad different ways.

At core, a cockroach is the same energy as a banana or for that matter, an ebola virus.

The energy of 'dis-ease' and the energy of 'restoring ease' are simply different manifestations of the same energy

The vital intensity that rages in the construct we recognise as 'cancer' is - at core - the very same life-force that assists us to reclaim the body from that cancer...

Yes, at an absolute or 'philosophical' level of reductionism, energy is (probably) 'all the same'

but 'sameness' is ultimately 'nothingness'.

'Life' only comes into existence, and continues to be - where there is 'differentness'

- where different manifest expressions of 'energy' exist and continuously interact in myriad ever-evolving combination.

So when it comes to accepting energy, the question should not be one of  'Am I willing to accept energy?',

but rather: "Which manifestation of the energy do I choose to accept? "

#  A note on 'Channeling'

For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘channeling’ is essentially a New Age manifestation of the Old Age phenomenon of Mediumship – ie, the receiving of information apparently from sources outside the individual’s own mind. Depending on the person’s beliefs, these sources may be perceived as being aspects of the individual’s subconscious/unconscious or their ‘higher self’; or alternatively may be variously identified as independent, discarnate ‘consciousnesses’ such as spirits (of the dead), ‘ascended masters’, angels, or other spiritual/advanced beings – even extra-terrestrials.

While considered by many to be an effective meditative tool for uncovering personal, subjective, ‘inner truths’, due to the symbolic or ‘poetic’ nature of the information uncovered/received, channeling is a notoriously unreliable tool for objective historical research.

Unfortunately, it is the case that over the years since Takata-sensei’s death numerous Reiki practitioners, seeking to learn more about Reiki (ie concerning its origin & history, its symbols, practices, etc ) than had been passed down to them in the lineage via Takata-sensei, have turned (and still turn today) to the ‘easy’ practice of channeling rather than invest time and effort in more practical (and more reliable) modes of research...


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