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# On the concept of "Being Reiki"

The first thing is the realisation that 'You' can never 'Be Reiki'

In the moment of 'Being Reiki', there can be no perception of 'I'

'Being Reiki' is a state of singularity - a state of transcendence

When there is 'Being Reiki' there is no 'Being self'

In the moment of there being even fleeting perception of 'self', of 'I', of attachment to outcomes (even of attachment to Reiki), there is no 'Being Reiki'

On one level of interpretation, the term Reiki speaks of 'the influence of Spirit' or 'the manifest expression of Spirit in action'

'self' impedes Spirit

'Being Reiki' (in part at least,) involves "getting out of the way and letting Reiki Be" - getting 'I' out of the way, and letting Spirit act

[Of course, this is just my (ie 'self') opinion - realised and informed in a moment of Not-being Reiki: i.e. in a moment of being 'self'.]

In 'being Reiki', there is only 'Reiki'

In my experience, it is only afterwards - when we return to the this-worldly state of 'self' - to the state of 'not being Reiki', that we can attempt to make some personal sense of the experience of 'being Reiki' - and attempt to convey these perceptions via the inadequate medium of words...

(However, unlike Shakyamuni Butsu, I never quite managed the feat of transmitting direct understanding of my personal experience by merely handing someone a flower...)

# When is a 'Distant Treatment' not a 'Distant Treatment'?

If you are not actually touching the client, but still working within their bio-energy field, then, while it is admittedly a 'hands-off' treatment, it is not a 'distant treatment' - as there is an already-established 'direct contact' between you and your client - via each other's energy field.
A treatment only becomes a 'distant treatment' when you are outside the extent of direct contact between your respective bio-fields and therefore have to establish contact via one of the 'distant treatment' techniques.

Now, while many people speak about giving themselves 'distant treatment', in treating yourself, you are always working within your own field, so technically you cannot be said to be performing a 'distant treatment' for yourself.
Even if you choose to use 'distant treatment' techniques when treating yourself, you are already in contact with your own field - you cannot become so far removed from your own field as to need to use the 'distant treatment' techniques ( unless perhaps if you are dead?...)

# On 'sending' Reiki surreptitiously

Whether we see our role (as Reiki practitioners) as being about 'making' someone well, or 'healing them into a state of acceptance of their unwellness', or simply, facilitating the 'space' in which the individual can come to 'heal' themselves (on whatever level), the individual still has a right to know in advance that this is our intention

and to be asked if they want this in the first place
-and even if they do want it, whether or not they want it now
They may prefer to participate in this self-change (with or without outside 'help') at a time more convenient to their Lower Self

Whether the focus is on healing, or spiritual growth and development, in openly informing the individual in advance - discussing our intent, and not just seeking but also clearly and unequivocally receiving the individual's permission, we are empowering them to take ownership of the effects of that therapeutic or spiritual intervention

The notion that we can circumvent openness and honesty as to our intentions by "mentally asking permission of the person's Higher Self" is little more than an avoidance-strategy born out fear.

In 'sneaking around behind the person's back', we only serve to dishonour their Spiritual nature - and our own.

# The power of Intent...

"we should never forget that 'Good Intentions' have a very limited usage: their primary purpose being to pave the road to hell"

# On the issue of Re-attunement...

In Reiki, its the quality of the initiation (i.e. the 'attunement' and the accompanying training) that counts, not the number of times you repeat it

# Reiki Initiation and the "Photocopier Principle"...

(some folk might call it the: 'Xerox Principle', but that might lead to litigation!)

It has been said that passing initiation is a bit like making photocopies...

Imagine you have a pristine-quality document. You make a copy of it, but due to dust particles, spots of 'correction fluid', smudged thumbprints, etc. on the copier glass, the copy you make picks up a few dirty marks - and depending on the paper, toner levels, and repro-quality of the copier machine, there may also be a slight deterioration in the quality of the text itself.
Then imagine that, some time later - perhaps a few months, perhaps a few years - the person you gave this less-than-perfect copy to, decides to make another copy to pass on to someone else. Not having the pristine original, they have to make the new copy from the one they have - which has now become a little crumpled, and has also picked up a few additional ink-marks and a 'coffee cup ring'... And the copier machine they use is also not in pristine condition... So, this new copy, in turn, picks up yet further obscuring marks [including the 'sign of the decaf mocha'] and suffers form further loss of quality...
Some time later, the person who has received that copy, decides to make another to pass on to someone eIse... and so on.
If, each time, the new copy is made from the last one produced, it won't be that long before the whole document is almost completely illegible...

So, how many 'Reiki photocopies' can we make in this way?
How many times can the initiation be passed - from master to student, to the student's student, then to their student, and so on - how many links do we need in an initiatorial lineage-chain before there is a noticeable deterioration in what is being passed on?

# Reiki doesn't always reach...

It is generally believed (- whether rightly or wrongly), that in terms of treatment, Reiki will go wherever it is needed; also, that as a result of initiation / attunement, Reiki beneficially influences the student's energy-centres, bringing them into balance.
However, truth be told, Reiki it seems, does not always reach the student's 'impatience centre' which drives the individual to "want it all now", nor their 'misconception centre' wherein lies the beliefs that "greater complexity equals greater power" and that "greater power equals more effective Reiki"...

# 'Sending Reiki'...

So, 'sending Reiki...' - its a common enough concept within Reiki, isn't it?
People are constantly sending Reiki energy to other people, animals, things, places, events, situations, etc.
In fact, the practice of sending Reiki energy (either simply channeling the 'raw' energy directly to a person, etc, or in some cases, indirectly - via a Healing List - which may contain the names of several individuals, situations etc) would seem to be the primary form of interaction that a great many people have with Reiki - particularly in western-lineage (Usui Shiki Ryoho) Reiki.
Something every level 2 is taught - a major 'tool' in the Usui Shiki Ryoho 'therapeutic toolbox', right.?

Well, it seems that actually the very concept of 'sending Reiki' is simply another one of those nice little Reiki 'add-ons'. (- an 'add-on' presumably adopted from one or other of the various western 'spiritual healing' traditions.)

Takata-sensei taught the practice of what she called 'Absent Healing': the very specific practice of performing a Reiki treatment for an individual with whom one was not in physical contact.

Separately, she spoke of sending a person 'good thoughts'. However, there was no concept of 'sending Reiki energy'...



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