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So, you're a street-wise Reiki-Master - you've practiced your art, initiated students, collected more diverse styles of Reiki Attunements and accompanying Certificates than you know what to do with; 'lurked' (in a non-threatening 'internet-speak' sense) on numerous Yahoo (& other) Reiki Group lists, read the books, watched the videos, bought the t-shirt (and the mug) - and now, if truth be told, you're bored ...

Well, why not spend a little time (that you would otherwise only be wasting giving someone a brief Reiki Treatment - or perhaps attuning them to the Reiki phenomenon) exercising your brain cells and testing your Reiki & General Knowledge...

[No prizes for correct answers - but possibly one or more sur-prises]


Which of the following statments are factual
and which are purely 'Urban Legends' ?

  • Ostriches bury their heads in the sand
  • Reiki can do no harm (but the endless discussion of this topic can actually bore you to death…)
  • In 'Casablanca', Humphrey Bogart's character, Rick said: "Play it again Sam"
  • Reiki can do no harm (but concentrating on trying to draw HSZSN on the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue [Tibetan Style] while driving in the fast lane, might)
  • Hawayo Takata invented Reiki as a New Age Multi-Level-Marketing scam
  • A Chokurei is actually an 'Imperial Edict'
  • Elvis is alive and well and living in Scotland
  • Karuna Reiki is really TeraMai Reiki (only different)
  • TeraMai Reiki is really Patrick Zeigler's 'Seichim Reiki' (only different)
  • Elvis is one of Takata-Sensei's level 2 Reiki students
  • Reiki can do no harm (unless it is for your higher good, that is)
  • Any squiggle drawn by a Reiki practitioner is a long-lost original Reiki symbol
  • You don't need a Reiki Master to attune you to Reiki - Self-Attunements REALLY work (- just like 'pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps'...! )
  • Chakra Work is not a feature of original Reiki
  • Every magical, spiritual, mystical symbol that ever existed is a long-lost original Reiki symbol
  • Nero fiddled while Rome burned
  • Traffic Signs are long-lost original Reiki symbols
  • Reiki is merely a "lazy-person's" version of 'Cosmic Chi-Kung Healing'
  • Reiki is actually pronounced Lay-Kee
  • A Humo(u)r-Bypass is mandatory in order to be attuned to Reiki
  • Marie Antoinette didn't say "Let them eat cake"
  • There is no egotism in the Reiki Community
  • It's OK to be offensive and abusive to people - as long as you send them Reiki afterwards
  • The Gakkai teach Usui-Sensei's original Reiki system - nothing added, nothing taken away
  • No one would ever make up stories about the origins of Reiki - just to support their own fanciful theories
  • Usui-Sensei was a Christian Minister
  • Reiki is a 'Benign Viral Contagion' (it can be transmitted by touch, has reached epidemic proportions, and frequently mutates into new, diverse, unusual - yet none-the-less potent - strains)
  • Christopher Columbus discovered North America
  • Ascended Masters, Essential Oils, Crystal Healing, Wiccan Rituals and 'Fluffy Bunnies' are NOT original Reiki components
  • There is no egotism in the Reiki Community
  • Usui-Sensei learnt Reiki from a Tibetan Lama
  • Usui-Sensei learnt Reiki from a Peruvian Llama
  • Jesus was a Reiki Master
  • Reiki is from Atlantis and pigs have wings
  • John Cabot discovered North America
  • Original students of Usui-Sensei all live to be over 100 years old
  • There is no egotism in the Reiki Community!
  • Reiki always automatically knows precisely where it's needed (yet we have to channel it to specific people and direct it with specific symbols to specific intent)
  • Bill Gates is a Reiki Master
  • 14 Ascended Masters were arrested in a bar in Brooklyn after a dispute as to which one of them really invented Reiki
  • Usui-Sensei was a Tantric Buddhist (no, not THAT type of Tantra - the other, no-sex type: Shingon or Tendai Buddhism)
  • Running your own 'Reiki Business' is better than actually working for a living
  • Mel Gibson was born in the USA
  • 473 original students of Usui-Sensei have just been discovered frozen in a 1920's prototype cryogenic stasis chamber hidden deep under Mount Kurama
  • My Reiki is better than your Reiki
  • The DKM 'symbol' is not actually a symbol at all, but the Kanji characters for 'Big Bright Light'
  • Usui-Sensei was a Zen Monk
  • No one would ever make up stories about the origins of Reiki - just so they could write a book or five about it and live well on the royalties
  • You should always send Reiki to people who specifically ask you not to - after all you're a Reiki Practitioner and you know what's best for them
  • The Usui Memorial isn't a fake
  • Originally, Reiki was a Charismatic Discipline
  • Usui-Sensei played 'prop forward' in the New Zealand 'All Blacks' Rugby squad in 1908



So, how do you think you did....?

What - you want me to supply a Correct Answers List so you can check your score? Next you'll be wanting me to take your Reiki Classes for you!

OK, so just to get you started, here are a few Correct Answers:

Mel Gibson WAS born in the USA

A Chokurei IS an 'Imperial Edict' (but the Reiki Choku Rei isn't)

Ostriches DO NOT bury their heads in the sand

Usui-Sensei DID NOT play in 'prop forward' position in the New Zealand 'All Blacks' Rugby squad in 1908
(At least, he doesn't appear in the official Team Photograph!)

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