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Tanden Chiryo Ho and Hara Chiryo Ho are two different names for the same technique: essentially a method of detoxification.

Here, detoxification does not solely refer to the flushing of actual physical substances from the being, but the removal of psychological, emotional and spiritual 'toxins' as well.

This de-tox technique can be incorporated into a general Reiki treatment, or used as a stand-alone practice.

One formal version of the stand-alone application of Tanden Chiryo Ho is as follows:

Rest your hands, palms down, on your thighs.

Close your eyes and 'hara-centre' yourself: focus your awareness in your seika tanden

For a few moments, simply 'be' - silently and restfully 'watching the breath': loosely focussing on the natural rhythms of your breathing. There is no interference with the natural process - no seeking to consciously breathe - merely to be aware that you are breathing effortlessly.

Let yourself 'see' and feel the Reiki pervading and permeating your entire being - know that you are one with the phenomenon that is Reiki - part of it.

Staying in this awareness, perform gassho rei (the gassho bow) and make a silent statement of intent - something to the effect that you will now begin this treatment for the healing and wellness of your client.

Standing to the client's left side, place your left hand on their tanden area, and place your right hand on their forehead.

Be aware of the Reiki flow beneath your hands. You may silently affirm the desire that all toxins be - gently - cleared from the client.*

In this technique you are not concerned so much with the precise nature of the energetic sensations (i.e. hibiki -feedback) received via the hands, as with the intensity of sensation. Keep your hands in position, continue to monitor the Reiki flow until you begin to sense an equilibrium - a balancing of the flow between your hands. This may take only a moment, or it may take several minutes.

When you can feel the same level of intensity of flow beneath each of your hands, smoothly lift your right hand from the client's forehead and bring it to rest on top of your left hand on their tanden area.

Continue to let the Reiki flow. 'See' and feel the Reiki flow. Be in the experience.

Stay with it as long as you intuit is appropriate (this might possibly be as long as 20 minutes*)

[Not only will this treatment technique trigger the detoxification process, but it will also help to recharge the tanden's vital energy reserves]

When you recognise that enough has been achieved for the current session, withdraw your hands from the client's tanden area.

Manifest kansha - gratitude - for having been granted this opportunity to assist your client to heal themself.

To complete the procedure, perform gassho rei


You can of course also self-treat with Tanden Chiryo Ho

If applied too 'vigourously', (or for that matter, for too great a length of time) this technique can cause diarrhoea and other cathartic responses symptomatic of acute detoxification.
The intent should be one of achieving a gradual, gentle detox, without subjecting the client to such stressful side-effects.


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