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The Seika tanden (commonly referred to simply as the tanden) is an energy 'centre' or area - about the size of a grapefruit - located deep inside the 'hara', roughly mid way between the top of the pubic bone and the navel.

The term Seika simply refers to 'below the Navel'. The word Tanden is the Japanese equivalent of the Chinese: Tan Tien (also: dan tian) or 'field of the elixir'.

Seika Tanden is also known as the Kikai ('Ocean of Ki') Tanden, and as Seika no Itten (the 'One Point' below the Navel)
[In some western Energy Disciplines it is referred to as the 'Lunar Plexus'.]

Physically speaking it is the body's center of gravity.

It is said that Ki is moved by the mind "... where the attention goes, ki flows..."

To effortlessly focus the awareness* (thought-feeling) in seika tanden is to place one's energy there.

Also, by placing effortless emphasis and energy at this area in the lower abdomen, integration of body and mind is deepened and strengthened, and the Spirit is dynamically grounded in the Present Moment.

* [which is not the same as concentration - the latter intimating as it does of willfulness]

* * *

Traditional Japanese disciplines - martial, spiritual, therapeutic or artistic - tend to speak of a single tanden.

However, in Japan there are also several disciplines - either of Chinese origin or alternatively heavily influenced by Chinese Chi Gung philosophy - which speak of three tandens:

The Lower (Shimo) Tanden (also: Ge Tanden)
[essentially the same as the seika tanden]
- located deep inside the 'hara'

The Middle (Naka) Tanden (also: Chu Tanden)
- located inside the chest at about the heart level

The Upper (Kami) Tanden (also: Jo Tanden)
- located in the middle of the head between the eyes


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