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Early Students of Takata Sensei:
a request for assistance.

While most of us are aware of the 'famous 22' who Takata-Sensei certified as
Reiki Masters, I am looking information about other, earlier First & Second Degree students of Takata-Sensei.

So far, the earliest level 1 initiation I have found mention of is that of Fran Brown who received level 1 in 1973

Fran was the first of the 22 Masters to receive the level 1 initiation.

Virginia Samdahl was the first person to actually be certified to Master level
(- in 1976) by Takata-Sensei.

What I am looking for is other, earlier, level 1 or 2 students - ideally ones from the 1960's or earlier - ones who obviously did not go on to receive the Master level Initiation from Takata-Sensei.

One of the primary things I'm interested to ascertain is whether Takata-Sensei's level 1 & 2 students (pre Fran Brown era) were all taught/received Reiki in the same sort of 'workshop' style format as the later ones, or were any taught in the more traditional deshi-type 'Internship'-format?

Also, I am most interested in the terms of reference in which Takata-Sensei explained Reiki to them (- that is Reiki itself, as distinct from Reiki the Method), as I have heard on more than one occasion that Takata-Sensei's:
"Rei =Universal, Ki = Energy"
explanation was something that only came to prominence, probably during the latter 60's, to fit a more generalised 'frame of reference' of the people drawn to her as students.

This interest is prompted by something I was told by an acquaintance from Oahu, Hawaii.
Her father had apparently been a student of Takata-Sensei in the 50's and claimed that he and other students had been given a very different explanation/understanding of what Reiki is - that the concept of 'Universal Energy' was never mentioned.

I am therefore attempting to get corroboration from other early students as to the nature of this 'other' explanation/understanding.

As to the precice details of this explanation/understanding:

There is so much rumour, hearsay and 'mis-information' (- not all innocent, I feel [in my more cynical moments]) floating around the Reiki community, [Hidden Agenda Reiki, I call it!] that I don't want to add to it .

So, before 'broadcasting' what is afterall at this point itself merely 'hearsay': something I have been told 'third-hand' as it were, I am hoping to hear the same or similiar explanation from at least two other sources, and I do not want to ( - as is, it seems, all to easy to do -) influence, prompt or lead such individuals into giving 'the desired answers' as it were.


Takata-Sensei is said to have received her Master Level initiation from Hayashi-Sensei in 1938.

I am presuming that in the 35 years between 1938 and the level 1 initiation of Fran in 1973, Takata-Sensei must have trained a good many students.

- any information would be greatly appreciated.



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