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reiki master symbol SYMBOL 4:
The Reiki 'Master' symbol

Symbol 4 is another example of a 'symbol' that is not a symbol (see Symbol 3 -the 'Distant' symbol).

Each of the four Reiki symbols has an accompanying Japanese mantra/phraze - frequently referred to as a jumon ('spell' or 'incantation'). In 'western' lineage Reiki this jumon is commonly used as the symbol's name.

In the case of Symbol 4, the 'symbol' itself is actually the jumon: "dai kô myô ", written in kanji characters.

The word dai means 'Great' and kô myô
, while translating as 'Bright Light', alludes to 'Enlightened Nature' or the Radiance of a numinous being or deity.

Again, there are various calligraphic renditions of Symbol 4 - all looking slightly different depending on the 'brush style' of the individual 'drawing' it.

As with Symbol 3, the kanji for Symbol 4 are to be found amongst the "Jooyoo Kanji" - characters specified by the Japanese Government as approved for common use, eg: in textbooks and official documents.

In fact, they all come under the category of kanji expected to be familiar to all Second Grade Students.


kun yomi on yomi kanji

large, big, great

oo.kii,oo.ini, ufu, o, ou, ta, takashi, tomo, hajime, hiro, hiroshi, masa, masaru, moto, wa tai,
reiki symbol,reiki symbols,
ray, light, shine hika.ru, hikari, aki, akira, koo, teru, hiko, mi, mitsu KÔ (Kou ) reiki symbol,reiki symbols,
clear, open, bright, radiance a.kari, aka.rui, aka.rumu, aka.ramu, aki.raka, a.keru, -a.ke, a.ku, a.kuru, a.kasu, akira, ake, asu, kira, ke, saya, sayaka, toshi, haru, mi, me mei,
MYÔ (Myou)
reiki symbol,reiki symbols,

Basic Uses of Symbol 4:

The primary use of Symbol 4 is, for many practitioners, the passing of Reiki attunements to others. Symbol 4 may also be employed as a meditative focus (as in deed may any of the other three symbols)
As the 'Master' symbol it is the very encapsulation of the Reiki phenomenon itself.
To practitioners of a great many Reiki styles, Symbol 4 represents the combined energies of the previous three symbols, though at a more subtle level.

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