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The term Reiki Master is possibly the source of greatest confusion for new or would-be Reiki students.

Ask a number of different Reiki practitioners the question: "What is a Reiki Master?" and probably the most common answer you will get will be something along the lines of: "someone who has received the master level Reiki attunement."

However, Takata-Sensei said that in order for a person to be considered a 'Reiki Master' it was not enough to have received Master Level attunement and to know how to pass attunements for all three levels:

You have to have taught at least one class and thus have actually attuned at least one student...

In relation to Reiki, the Japanese term: sensei which is translated - very loosely - as: master, does not imply 'one who has mastered the art of Reiki', (nor for that matter, one who has achieved some form of exalted status - though many would have you think so!)

The word: sensei is actually a term of respect, which first and foremost means: 'teacher' and refers to someone who is part of a Teacher - Student (Mentor - Student) relationship

Translating: sensei as 'master' is simply akin to the way in which a 'school-teacher' is sometimes referred to as a 'school-master'.

And, as is the case with a school-master, ideally a Reiki-master is someone who (as well as having received the relevant attunements) possesses a good understanding of their subject, has a strong desire to help their students develop their own potentials, has respect for their students, (as well as eliciting the respect of their students) and also has the ability to inspire their students and to draw the best from them.

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