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Japanese is a language which makes use of three different writing systems - katakana, hiragana, and kanji.

Katakana & hiragana are phonetic systems.

Kanji is the Japanese term for the Chinese system of characters [ideograms and pictograms] as used, for example, in writing the word reiki (above).

The particular pair of kanji-characters - which in Japanese reads as: reiki, when used in writing Mandarin Chinese reads as: ling qi.

While ling qi has at times been translated as meaning 'ectoplasm', it can - in a deeper sense - refer to a 'mysterious or spiritual influence' [this is of course also true of the term reiki itself];
however, in the terminology of a number of the Chinese systems of energy-cultivation and healing - collectively known as Qi Gung - the word ling qi is more commonly understood in somewhat simplistic 'energetic' terms, akin to those ascribed to its Japanese counterpart.

In some forms of Qi Gung, the term ling qi is used to refer to the most highly refined of all forms of qi ('subtle energy/essence') which can be accessed by/developed within, a living being's energy-system.

[Interestingly, in speaking about energy, Takata-sensei had said: "Reiki is the highest that I know of". However she also wanted it to be clearly understood that "Reiki is Reiki", that it was "brought from the prayers by Dr Usui" and had nothing to do with "Chinese exercises" (Qi Gung, Tai Chi, etc)]

Conceived of as highly-refined energy/essence/radiance, ling qi enhances [amongst other things] the cerebral functions, and is seen as highly conducive to the process of spiritual growth and deepening of spiritual awareness [much as is the case with Reiki].

Now, I'm sure a great many Reiki practitioners - on first having been introduced to Reiki - were told how Reiki is supposed to be far better than Qi Gung (or Bioenergy Healing or Magnetic Healing, etc) because, rather than using your personal energy to effect treatment, you are using energy 'channeled' from the Source/Cosmos/God or whatever, and therefore are not depleted when giving treatment.

Admittedly, at the lower and intermediate levels of Qi Gung, you are indeed developing and refining reserves of personal qi which can, amongst other things, be projected for healing purposes - and thus become depleted.

However, as the practitioner advances in the higher levels of the art, the nature of interaction with qi changes somewhat.

Ling qi is something only achieved when the practitioner has reached highly advanced levels of Qi Gung discipline and practice, wherein they have learned how to alchemically transmute their more 'earthly', vital, bodily energies into purer forms of spiritual qi, and at the same time open themselves to the Heavenly or Celestial qi which pervades the universe - channeling qi from outside themself - just as is the case in Reiki.

In fact, it is a common view amongst many Qi Gung Masters that what we
call Reiki [i.e the 'energy', not the 'system'] is simply the higher level Qi Gung energy/essence/radiance - ling qi - accessed without having undergone the initial developmental training and discipline.

Thus, Reiki [i.e. the system] has often been referred to as:

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