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Well, (as I'm sure we all do) I would like to see Reiki Ryoho continuing to 'move into the light', and hopefully gain ever greater levels of acceptance - by both the public at large and the medical professions - as a valid complementary* therapy.

However, certainly in terms of Reiki Ryoho practice in a professional context, I feel that issues around Regulation are going to be even more prominent in the near future.

Globally, it is definitely becoming a case of 'Self-regulate before the State Regulates'

In the UK, for example, proposals for a move towards Voluntary Self-Regulation by mid 2008 still are being discussed. Issues under consideration include a code of safe professional practice, disciplinary and complaints procedures, and the creation of a UK Register of Professional Reiki Practitioners.

Now, while many view this primarily from a perspective of encroachment on individual freedom, personally I see self-regulation as being an important step towards gaining credibility in the eyes of the medical professions.


With there now being so many different Reiki Ryoho styles, and different approaches to practice, I feel it is very unlikely that we, as a Community, could ever hope to (many would say, ever want to) arrive at a situation where we have achieved some form of universal standardisation of training and practice (even if self-imposed).

However, while standardisation of training and practice may not be 'on the table', something I feel we do need to remain mindful of is the issue of standards of training and practice.

After all, in Reiki Ryoho we have an ethical duty of care - not just to those who come to us for treatment, but also, to those who come to us for training.


With any art or discipline (whatever its nature) moving from, as it were, 'the shadows of relative obscurity' into 'the bright light of popularity', there is always a risk that standards of training and practice may suffer.

I feel we would be naïve to think that, in the case of Reiki Ryoho, things should necessarily be any different.

Instances of poor standards of training not only dishonour those receiving that training, they also impact on the perception of the overall professionalism of the Reiki Community as a whole, in the eyes of the very people we need to be reassuring.

In my opinion, the implementation of systems of self-regulation and the setting of 'benchmark' or 'baseline' minimum standards, is perhaps essential in order to guard against various degrees of failure in relation to the above-mentioned duty of care; and by extension, to ensure that Reiki Ryoho receives the professional recognition it so richly deserves as a highly effective therapeutic practice.


I prefer the term 'complementary' to 'alternative', as I feel that use of the latter - whether in connection with Reiki Ryoho or any other 'non-mainstream' form of therapeutic practice - is often viewed as somewhat antagonistic by the Medical Community, and as such, only helps to strengthen the divisive "us versus them" perception held by so many practitioners - 'mainstream' or otherwise.


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