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Faces to go with some of the names ....

mikao usui sensei usui reiho usui shiki reiki ryoho
Mikao Usui Sensei


Hyakuten Inamoto komyo reiki
Hyakuten Inamoto
[Founder of Komyo Reiki & student of the late Chiyoko Yamaguchi]


jikiden reiki
Chiyoko Yamaguchi
[ A level 2  student of Chujiro Hayashi]


jikiden reiki
Tadao Yamaguchi
[Director of the Jikiden Reiki Association & son of Chiyoko Yamaguchi]


dento reiki
Fumio Ogawa
[Completed his Reiki Master level training on November 18, 1943. Taught what he called 'Dento' Reiki]


vortex reiki iashi no te
Toshitaka Mochizuki
[Founder of the Vortex school of Reiki]


real reiki radiance technique
Mieko Mitsui
[Radiance Technique Instructor - responsible for reintroduction of 'Western' style Reiki to Japan]


real reiki radiance technique
Barbara Ray
[Student of the Hawayo Takata & founder of The Radiance Technique]


Usui teate
Chris Marsh
[Usui Teate]


Usio Do
Dave King
[Usui Do]


Raku Kei
Arthur Robertson
[Raku Kei Reiki]


Iris Ishikuro
[First of Takata-sensei's students to reduce the training fees for Master Level tuition]


gendai reiki ho  Iyashi no Gendai Reikiho
Hiroshi Doi
[Student of Mieko Mitsui & founder of Gendai Reiki ]


Eguchi Tenohira Ryoji Kenkyu-kai
Toshihiro Eguchi
[Student of Usui Sensei & founder of Eguchi Te-no-hira ]


Tomita Teate
Kaiji Tomita
[Student of Usui Sensei & founder ofTomita Teate Ryohokai]


Shou Matsui
Shou Matsui
[Journalist, playwright and drama teacher - Student of Hayashii Sensei ]


Chie Hayashi
Chie Hayashi
[Chujiro Hayashi's wife - became head of Hayashi Reiki Ryoho Kenkyukai after her husband's death]


And of course:

usui shiki ryoho
Hawayo Takata


hayashi reiki ryoho kenkyukai
Chujiro Hayashi



Picture Credits:
Toshihiro Eguchi, Kaiji Tomita, Shou Matsui & Chie Hayashi: from original copies in the private collection of Kenji Hamamoto. Mieko Mitsui & Fumio Ogawa: Twilight Zone Magazine, 1986. Hyakuten Inamoto: courtesy of Devlin Browne. Toshitaka Mochizuki, Hiroshi Doi & Tadao Yamaguchi: courtesy of Tomio Ishii. Chiyoko Yamaguchi: Frans & Bronwen Steine, International House of Reiki. Barbara Ray: The Radiance Technique International Association, Inc.

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