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"How do you go about explaining what Reiki is to a potential client, without scaring them off with terms like 'Cosmic Energy' or 'Spiritual Energy', 'Channeling the ki', etc?

Whenever anyone asks a question along these lines, I recall something that Jiro Kozuki - a Japanese Reiki Master friend said:

"Why is it that Reiki-ka (Reiki practitioners) always seem to focus in on the ki - the 'energy' - when trying to explain Reiki to others for the first time?"

[Personally, what he said next also made me wonder if, perhaps, we focus too much on the ki aspect generally.]

"Reiki is like driving," Jiro said.
When you're driving somewhere, your 'here-and-now' focus should always be on the driving - on:
your driving ability
the road
what you encounter along the way
and the intended destination
- not on the fuel.

In Jiro's analogy:
for 'driving ability' read 'Reiki ability'
the road is the client
what you encounter - the clients dis-ease / therapeutic needs
your intended destination - to facilitate the client's relaxation and eventual return to a state of 'equilibrium'
'fuel' is Reiki 'energy' (once you're attuned, you know you have an adequate fuel-supply!)

So, now, when trying to explain Reiki to others for the first time without scaring them off, I tend to opt for something along the lines of:

Reiki is a set of 'received skills' which permit the therapist to assist individuals to relax in a very particular way, enabling their body (/mind/spirit) to access and activate its own, powerful, inherent, self healing mechanisms.
Oh yeah, and a Reiki treatment feels good too!

Also, I believe, expressing the idea that the therapist is simply assisting the client to heal themselves, is very important.

Medical studies have shown that patients (read: clients) who feel they are taking an active role in their own healing - and feel that they have the support of a competent practitioner - have a far higher rate of recovery than those who feel their role is purely a passive one.

The best way, I feel, to attempt to explain the ki - the Reiki 'energy' - to a client is to wait until after they have experienced it for themselves.
- and only then - I might begin to talk about the "vital energy that is everywhere around us" or in some other way attempt to tailor an explanation in keeping with their personal focus.

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