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Diamonds are forever…

[No, that's not it… What I meant to say was]

Reiki Initiations are… Forever?

In my opinion, the frequently-repeated notion that "once Reiki initiation is given, it can't be undone" came about partly as a misunderstanding of something Takata-sensei used to tell her students.

In response to voiced concerns (arising out of quite common and understandable insecurity on the part of many fledgling students), she frequently had to reassure people that once they had received Reiki (initiation) from her, it would stay with them always - they would never lose it - it would not disappear (- accidentally, as it were)*

[Though, in saying that Reiki would stay with them always, she did warn her students, they would never lose it as long as they did not attempt to pass the Reiki ability on to another person without having been trained in the proper method of doing so.]

Over the years the belief that Reiki would stay with students was reinforced by each new generation of Reiki masters…

However, the inference grew beyond Takata-sensei's meaning, to also mean that the initiation was something that could not be intentionally undone - could never be reversed. Period.

Yet this unsubstantiated belief in itself may well have been born out of yet a deeper insecurity…

Afterall, what if an initiation could actually be intentionally reversed/undone/negated?

Could someone (a Reiki Master, with the necessary understanding) possibly 'de-initiate' a student
- against their wishes?

There have, for example, been cases of Masters 'disowning' students for various reasons, e.g. where a student has chosen to modify the way they present/practice/teach Reiki or perhaps the student is acting in ways considered unethical by the Master etc. In such instances, the Master might deny the student permission to cite the given Master in their lineage.
But what if the Master could reverse the initiation - actually neutralise the Reiki ability within the student?

And beyond such (whether seen as 'legitimate' or otherwise) punitive use of 'de-initiation' - what about possible unethical use..?

If followed, this line of thought could open up a whole new can-of-worms...
And so the very idea that, once having been initiated, an individual could possibly (willingly or otherwise) be 'de-initiated', was made anathema.
It just didn't bear thinking about…

Yet, while Takata-sensei had assuaged her students' insecurities - re-affirming that they would not lose their Reiki ability - as far as I can be certain, she never actually said anything about not being able to intentionally 'undo' the initiation - particularly if the student wanted it to be undone...

Wanted it…?

But why on earth

Well, for one thing, how about simple freedom of choice: the right to change our minds; the right to evolve, or even ( - if as many do, we see Reiki initiation as an upward step - small or otherwise - in our 'personal evolution' -) our right to 'devolve' again, if we so choose.

In our life journey there are things that we are drawn to / things that are drawn to us - come to us for specific purpose - are necessary in our lives for a time - then, having helped us in a certain way, must be released, enabling us to progress, develop, evolve into new dimensions of our journey.

Is it not conceivable that Reiki can be such a thing - that (much as it may now be hard to imagine) there may come a point in our individual journey that Reiki is no longer meant to be part of that journey - that we are no longer meant to be part of Reiki's journey…

Must not there be the option to release the 'connection', the initiation?

Of course there must.


Anything else would be less than in keeping with the spirit of Reiki....



*She almost certainly wasn't allowing for the scenario of people 'tinkering' with the initiation process, or playing around with other practices from other disciplines - practices which might interfere with the specific 'energetic patterns' - the adjustments/realignments made in the students energetic system (or, to use an I.T. analogy, the 'program' downloaded to their system) via the Reiki initiation process

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