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1 A Reiki technique for sensing for energetic fluctuations

3 Japanese term for a 'Reiki marathon', or 'relay' treatment

5 Name of Mrs Takata's husband

6 Japanese term often translated as "Master" though perhaps more properly: "Teacher"

10 "_______ -ho" 'Dry Brushing Method' - an aura-cleansing technique and component of Hatsurei-Ho

12 Number of Master-level students Certified by Hawayo Takata

15 Japanese term for any of the Reiki symbols

16 Mikao Usui's wife

17 Hawayo Takata was born on this day in 1900 (9,3,)

18 Town where Mikao Usui died as a result of a stroke

19 "Toshitaka _________" author of "Iyashi No Te" (1995) - believed to be the first modern day Reiki book written by a Japanese master

20 "______ Chiryo-Ho". Japanese term for the Distant Healing method

22 A ritual gesture formed by placing the hands together in a prayer-like position

24 Name of the village in Gifu Prefecture, where Mikao Usui was born

25 Number of Reiki Symbols taught by Hawayo Takata at level Two

27 "Usui _____ Ryoho" - term used by Hawayo Takata to refer to the art of Reiki

31 Number of Reiki Symbols taught by Hawayo Takata at level Three



2 Kyo dake wa: "Just for _____"

4 Japanese term for the second level of Reiki training

7 Poetry penned by the Emperor Meiji - said to recited or sung at meetings of the original Usui Reiki Society

8 Traditional Japanese kneeling posture, sitting back on (or between) the heels

9 "______-ho" Japanese Reiki technique of healing with the eyes

11 "________-ho" A version of seiheki chiryo ho ('habit treatment method') in which no Reiki symbols are used

13 Japanese term for the first or 'entry' level of Reiki training

14 The '____ Book' - common name for a small volume more properly called 'Leiki: a Memorial to Takata-sensei'. Compiled by Takata sensei's daughter, Alice Takata Furumoto, in 1982

21 First name of Mr Eguchi - friend and student of Usui Sensei and author of "Te-no-hira Ryoji Nyumon" (An Introduction to Healing with the Palms)

22 Japanese term for the Five Reiki Principles

23 "Horsesaddle Mountain" outside Kyoto where Usui-sensei did his 21-day Meditation (6,4,)

26 Temple in the Suginami district of Tokyo where Mikao Usui's remains are interred

28 Mrs Takata's middle name

29 Japanese term for the third level of Reiki training

30 "____ -ho" a Japanese Reiki technique of healing with the breath

32 Chujiro Hayashi's wife's name




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