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The old Master lived alone in the Woods.

One day his student came to see him.

“Master”, he said, “I have a question about that person I sent to you for help.

As you are aware, his life was a mess. He was suffering from all manner of aches, pains, and minor health issues, and he was plagued by endless problems. He complained that nothing seemed to go right for him, that there were so many blockages in his social, professional and personal life – seemed to be trapped in a cloud of other people's negative energy – felt as if the forces of the universe were somehow conspiring against him.

I had been treating him twice a week for several months, to no avail.
None of the techniques I used seemed to have more than the very slightest effect on any of his problems, or if they did, the effect was only temporary – fleeting – the particular problem returning within days, or else replaced by another which he had not had before.

Yet from what he tells me, you spoke with him for only a few minutes, treated him only once; and now his health has improved, aches and pains have gone, he is beaming with confidence - a power-house of optimism, he has a new job, new interests, a great social circle – why, his whole life has turned around.

Master, it was my understanding that my training was complete, though now I realise there must be some secret high-level technique that you have not revealed to me.
Please, Master, will you teach me this special technique you used to help this person.”

The Master shook his head slightly: “I have taught you all the techniques I know. There is nothing more."

But I ...” began the student. “Master, I do not understand. What then is the secret? How is it that your healing power is so much stronger than mine?”

The Master placed a reassuring hand on his student's shoulder. “My power is no stronger than yours.” he said kindly, “Power has nothing to do with it.”

“Then what is the secret?” asked the student, “How did you manage to bring about such a dramatic improvement in his life in just one treatment session?”

Perception.” came the reply.

“Per... ?”

Let me explain.” continued the Master, “When this person came to you, you saw his suffering, and his desire for relief. And so you applied your skills, (most diligently) in an attempt to heal him of the problems he presented with.
When he came to me, I too saw his suffering – his symptoms – then I looked deeper, sought out the cause behind the symptoms...”

Ah!” said the student, “so you didn't attempt to alleviate his symptoms – his aches, his pains, etc?”

“No. Nor did I seek to directly address the other problems he talked about - his issues, nothing seeming to go right for him, his feelings of being blocked, and how he thought he was trapped in a cloud of other people's negative energy, and so on.”

So what exactly did you do?”

Well” the Master explained, “ I did the most compassionate thing I could do for him:

I simply healed him of his Excuses.”


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