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There are several sets of hand positions (both for self-treatment and for treating others) commonly taught to Reiki students, with some using as many as twenty positions, and some with as few as five.

The set described below - for treating others - covers the 'mid-ground', having fourteen positions.

As a general guideline, (especially for newer students), it is commonly recommended that you stay at each of the positions for about 3 minutes or so - however, the sooner new students begin trusting their intuition in these matters, the better, so do what feels right at the time.

To begin, centre yourself - do what you do to let the Reiki flow:
Draw the relevant symbols if you chose to - in your mind's-eye or in physical space. Silently intone their mantra-names (or their kotodama if you work with these)...

The client reclines on a therapy couch/table or on a futon on the floor.

It is important to make the client feel comfortable and relaxed before beginning treatment.

Some clients may need the added support of a cushion under the small of their back - yet others find a rolled up towel placed behind the knees can take pressure off their back, should they have problems there...

1. From a position behind the client's head, place your hands over their eyes - palms on forehead, fingertips resting either side of their nose

2. Place your hands on the crown of the client's head. With the 'heels' of your palms close together, cup your hands either side of their head

3. Place your hands over the client's ears - your middle finger should be on the level of the earlobe

4. Place your slightly cupped hands under the client's head. Your hands should be relaxed, with fingertips resting at the level of the occipital ridge at the base of their skull

5. With fingertips touching, form a V shape with your hands, resting lightly on the clients throat
[The hands may be held in the aura rather than placed on the throat as many people find direct throat-contact a subconscious threat]

Move to the clients left

6. Place your right hand centrally over the client's collarbone (your fingers should be pointing towards the client's right side), and your left hand on their thymus gland/'Heart Centre' - at a 90 degree angle to your right hand (i.e. fingers pointing towards the client's head)

[In the case of female clients,
it is important to be mindful of issues of privacy and touch concerning the manner and positioning of hand contact here. Remember that the hands may be held just off the body (in the aura) for any of the hand positions mentioned - especially where doing so will negate possible embarrassment]

6a. [Alternative position]
Place both hands high on the client's upper chest, right hand in front of the left - forming a straight line

7. Keeping the same formation as in 6a, move both hands down to a point over the diaphragm/solar plexus

8. Place your hands side-by-side - thumbs touching - on the right side of the clients body, just below their ribcage

9. Place your hands side-by-side - thumbs touching - on the left side of the clients body, just below their ribcage

10. For male clients: place your hands, again right hand in front of the left - forming a straight line - at the level of their seika tanden
For female clients: place your hands in a V shape over their ovaries

Ask the patient to turn over, assisting them as necessary

11. Keeping the same in-line hand-formation as you used on the front of the client's body, place your hands high on the client's shoulder blades

12. Move both hands down to a point level with the diaphragm/solar plexus

13. Move both hands down to a point level with the waist

14. Move both hands down to rest on each hip.

This completes this version of the long form treatment. You may find that some clients have dropped off to sleep - if time permits you might like to let them wake in their own time.

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