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A self-treatment practice as taught by Kenji Hamamoto
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The Heart's Blood (shinketsu) method is a simple and highly effective self-treatment practice created by Hekikuu Reiki's Kenji Hamamoto.

It focuses on the heart - the actual physical heart - not the 'heart (thymus) centre'

It involves permitting Reiki to flow into the chambers of the left side of heart - or rather, into the space within the chambers - and more importantly, into the blood that passes continually through these chambers.

By permitting Reiki to flow into these chambers, the already oxygen-rich blood passing through the chambers also becomes 'Reiki-rich' and, just as the blood carries oxygen to every cell of the body, so, it can also carry Reiki to every cell as well.

[Freshly-oxygenated blood travels, from the lungs, into the left atrium of the heart, through the mitral valve, and into the left ventricle, which pumps it through the aortic valve into the left aorta, then out throughout the circulatory system to nourish the brain and the rest of the body. Eventually the now de-oxygenated blood cycles back in through the right side of the heart to the lungs for re-oxygenation, then back in through the left side of the heart - then out throughout the circulatory system, and so on...]

The Heart's Blood method:

Sit, stand or lie comfortably in a position that does not impede blood flow (do not sit cross-legged, do not sit in seiza; do not stand too rigidly, etc)

Let your breath flow freely (do not try to influence the rhythm of the breath in any way)
Clear your mind
Let your body relax

Raise your hands and place them so as to cover your heart
Your right hand should be resting so as to cover the upper half of your heart, your left hand covering the lower half - the thumb of your left hand resting against, or perhaps actually on, the little / 'pinkie' finger of your right hand.

Become aware of your heart-pulse (do not try to influence the rhythm of the pulse in any way).
Be aware of the blood travelling through the chambers on the left side of your heart.
Lightly focus your attention here, and allow Reiki to flow.
Keep your attention at your heart - do not be tempted to follow the blood as it moves throughout your circulatory system.

In the knowledge that Reiki reaches wherever the blood reaches:
be at peace in your heart
- feel gratitude in your heart

Continue to treat the Heart's Blood for as long as you wish, or until the flow of Reiki naturally subsides.

Complete your practice by showing respect for the Reiki:
perform rei [i.e. bowing] or whatever you feel appropriate.

While the Heart's Blood method is primarily a self-treatment practice, it can technically be used to treat others. However, when it comes to treating female clients, there are of course issues regarding privacy and touch which need to be addressed.

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