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I frequently receive emails from people asking me about ways to enhance their 'Reiki flow'

Now, beyond drawing their attention to the understanding that sometimes, 'less is more' (– that in certain situations, what is actually needed to facilitate optimal healing is a very gentle, subtle flow rather than a strong, 'impressive', one), the obvious thing would probably be to simply share with these people several of the so-called 'Japanese Reiki Techniques' such as:

Hatsurei Ho

Gassho Meiso/Gassho Kokyu Ho

Makoto no Kokyu Ho

and possibly other practices, such as:

Kokoro no Kokyu

Seika Tanden Kokyu

or Seitodo.

However, aside from 'prescribing' techniques, I feel we should always be mindful of any underlying reasons as to why, sometimes, we may feel a need to 'boost' our Reiki flow (or at least, to boost our perception of / sensitivity to, our Reiki flow)

Is there perhaps something in our general overall lifestyle, or perhaps some more specific thing, we are doing (or not doing) that is inhibiting, or otherwise having a less than helpful influence on, the natural Reiki flow?

If there is, then simply resorting to the previously-mentioned techniques, while ignoring the causes of the situation, may not actually result in the level of improvement we would hope to see.

So, my question is this:

In examining your own, personal practice, (rather than simply accepting what you have been told by others) what factors are you aware of as having debilitating effects on your 'Reiki flow' - and also, what are you aware of as having enhancing effects?

To what extent is the Reiki flow influenced by:

your mood
stress/relaxation level
the time of day*
certain foods and/or drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)
environment (i.e. specific location in which you are practicing)
sensory stimulus – heat/cold, pressure, motion, sight, sounds, odours/fragrances, etc
being in the company of others/being alone
level of mindfulness/focus
feelings/assumptions about the person you are treating (yourself included)

or any thing else you are aware of.

What changes can we implement to enhance our Reiki flow ?

[* Takata-sensei commented how she personally felt the energy was 'higher' around 5.30 -6.00 am]


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