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The 'Breath Empowerment'
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Kokiyu Ho is a breath-empowerment technique used as part of the Usui Shiki Ryoho initiation process, as taught by Takata-sensei.

It is also used in some alternative versions of the initiation process, as a means of 'implanting' symbols, or of 'sealing' the completed initiation process.

Kokiyu Ho has on occasion been poetically referred to as ‘sweetening the breath’.

Kokiyu Ho:

Become aware of the flow and radiance of the Reiki phenomenon within and around your own body.

Know that, while generally Reiki seems to flow most strongly from, and can be directed by, the hands, it also flows from, and can be directed with, the breath

Bring your attention to your breathing; relax, breathe naturally.

Generate heart-felt compassion for the student you are initiating.

Breathe in gently through the nose, effortlessly taking the breath down into the tanden area in the lower abdomen.

Hold the breath momentarily.

While doing so, trace the CKR symbol on the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue . (This can take some practice!)

With lips pursed slightly, exhale in a focussed and sustained way - the exhalation should be strong, yet not to forceful.

As you do so, be aware of Reiki flowing out with your breath, and into the student

Feel the Reiki flow, empowered by the CKR; see it in your mind's eye, at the same time feel compassion flowing from your heart.


NOTE: Closely related to the initiatorial practice Kokiyu Ho is the 'breath-healing' practice of Koki Ho

These two are often confused.


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