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Jakikiri Joka Ho is a 'cleansing' technique used to purify objects - or positively transform the negative energy-patterns pervading those objects.

It can, for example be used to cleanse-transform the vibrational patterns of secondhand goods or clothing, or perhaps to 'freshen' therapy-couches, or even hotel beds.

The 'jaki' part of the name refers to negative energy and the 'kiri' part signifies cutting.

Due to the energetically 'harsh' nature of this technique, it is commonly taught that Jakikiri Joka Ho should not be used on living beings (people, other animal species, or even plants).

[Jakikiri Joka Ho seems to be derived from a more 'potent' Japanese spiritual practice known as the 'Ki Barai', which considered something best left to those with a great many years experience in the reiryoku no michi disciplines]

To perform Jakakiri Joka Ho:

'Hara-centre' yourself: focus your awareness on your seika tanden - an area deep inside your body mid way between your navel and the top of your pubic bone.

Inhale, being conscious of Reiki pouring in through your crown and flowing down to flood your seika tanden as you do so.

If the object is small:
Holding the object in one hand, with the other hand perform what is possibly best described as three 'Karate chops' - palm facing down, fingers straight - in rapid succession in the air a couple of inches above the object.

The motion of each kiri (cut) should be swift and come to an abrupt stop.

If the object is too large to hold:
[Just as you may do in performing distant healing] hold something to symbolise the object, or perhaps visualise the object in one hand, while performing the kiri (cut) with the other hand.

[Some practitioners maintain that the first two kiri should pass right over the object, coming to a stop beyond it; while the third kiri should stop abruptly directly over it.]

Finally, channel Reiki into the object until you feel it is fully charged.



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