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'Distant Treatment' or 'Distant Healing'
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There are various methods for performing Enkaku Chiryo.

The following is the primary method taught by Takata-sensei:

What is now generally referred to as Distant (or Distance) Healing/Treatment, Takata-sensei spoke of as "Absent Healing".
[She used the term Local Healing for hands-on work.]

Takata-sensei taught that for absent healing, if you don't know the person (to be treated) you need to get a picture - with a clear image of their face - so that you can visualize them when you close your eyes. [You do not use the photograph when doing the healing treatment, only to see what they look like so you can clearly visualize them]

Close your eyes. Call their name three times as you concentrate on the image of that person [in your mind]. Write the HSZSN on their 'forehead', followed by the CKR. "Then everything is set for you to treat"

Takata-sensei's method is very much in line with the 'see it, say it, do it' approach.

We should visualize giving a full treatment and actually do that treatment in the air. Do the positions for the head, then the front of the body (large CKR over the torso), then the back (large CKR starting at the left shoulder, then all the way down the back), giving a running commentary to the client as to what you are doing, e.g:
"I start the treatment on your head. I'm treating your eyes; your sinuses; [etc, etc] Now I'm treating your front: your chest, [etc, etc]. Now I'm turning you over, treating your back... your lumbar area, [etc, etc]. Now I'm rubbing your back.[At the end of the treatment we should rub the back to aid the circulation.] Now I am finished"

In performing an absent healing treatment, the treatment is [solely] sent to the client: the practitioner does not receive treatment as well.

For absent healing, the treatment should only be thirty minutes as it is a concentrated treatment. Switch off the phone. Do what you can to ensure you won't be disturbed. You don't want your concentration scattered.

If giving absent healing treatment daily, by the third day or fourth day you can reduce the length of time you are treating for: twenty minutes is enough.

Treat only one person at a time. A maximum of three people in succession [i.e. during any one session]

Takata-sensei said she preferred to do absent healing early in the morning (5.30 -6.00 am) because the energy was 'higher'.

She spoke of doing absent healing treatment, and of 'sending' good thoughts. [She did not talk of 'sending Reiki energy']


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