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I thought I would pass on the following info concerning certain similarities/differences between the recently re-discovered form of ki therapy known as 'Whis-Ki', and good oldfashioned Rei-ki:

1, While Rei-Ki is often visualized as a golden 'liquid-light', filling the body, Whis-Ki is a light amber liquid, filling a glass.

2, Rei-Ki provides total relaxation and oneness with all-that-is, Whis-Ki also provides total relaxation and oneness with all-that-is.

3, Rei-Ki brings joy and contentment at all times; Whis-Ki brings joy and contentment until it wears off. Then one wishes one had imbibed Rei-Ki instead.

4, Rei-Ki comes in numerous 'styles' and 'flavours' - with some claiming to be stronger than others; Whis-Ki comes in various brands and flavours - with some most definitely stronger than others

5, Rei-Ki can be safely combined with various other practices; Whis-Ki can be safely combined with various other practices - though driving isn't one of them

6, Some claim that 'Japanese Rei-Ki' is purer than 'Western Rei-Ki'; Everyone knows Irish Whis-Ki is purer than Scottish Whis-Ki

7, Rei-Ki is sometimes translated as the 'Energy of Life'; Whis-Ki translates as 'Water of Life'

8, Some folk claim Rei-Ki has links with Tibetan 'Bon'; Whis-Ki has links with American Bour-bon

9, A Rei-Ki Practitioner doesn't deplete his own energy, but a Whis-Ki 'practitioner' tends to deplete his own finances

10, Rei-Ki is acquired via 'attunement' or Reiju. Whis-Ki is acquired via the nearest 'bottle shop'.

I will be updating this list of similarities/differences from time to time, based on further research and experimentation.

Amongst other things, I am planning a pilgrimage to numerous Whis-Ki related sacred sites [ -in the vocabulary of the Whis-Ki art, referred to as 'distilleries' ] and a 21-day mountaintop meditation - not too dissimilar to that carried out by Usui-Sensei, except for one slight difference:
Where Usui-Sensei is said to have gathered up 21 stones, throwing one away each morning to help him count the passing days, I intend gathering 21 cases of the aforementioned 'Water of Life' and will be discarding 12 empty bottles each morning - providing the noise of all that glass breaking as it bounces off the rocks doesn't give me too much of a headache...

Oh and one last thing, many people have been asking about the Whis-Ki symbol-mantras.

When indulging in Whis-Ki practice, it is traditional to intone the sacred 'good health' mantra before administering treatment.

For those of you as yet unfamiliar with this practice, an English transliteration of the single-word Gaelic mantra is as follows:
'slainte '
(pronounced 'schlaawn-cha' - or if used as Kotodama: 'hlaawn-ha' )

The mantra should be intoned while raising the sacred vessel known as the "Whis-Ki g'Lass" to the lips.
As with all mantras, the higher the number of repetitions, the greater the benefit accrued...



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