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With reference to the seemingly ever-growing body of conflicting theories about the history and origins of Reiki, the essential nature of Reiki, and the truth as to what specific techniques were originally utilised in Reiki, someone recently asked whether anyone has attempted to 'channel' Usui Sensei and in so doing, get the 'truth' about Reiki direct from - I was going to say 'the horse's mouth' but ... drat, too late I've already said it - profound apologies Sensei.

Any how, by an amazing stroke of coincidence (or synchronicity - if you're a Jungian) I had the same thought myself - and so, channel I did...

When I asked Usui-Sensei about Reiki, he replied, via my Guide who kindly translated Usui-Sensei's comments into English for me (- at present, due to a personality quirk, Sensei only communicates in Venusian) that although he found Reiki to be a highly viable healing modality and method of Spiritual Development, personally - after seventy odd years - he had moved on to other things - had I heard of NLP, 'Awakening Your Light Body' and 'A Course in Miracles' (- oh, but he did suggest caution regarding that guy who promises you
immortality if you wear one of his magnetic rings on your 'pinkie'.)

Usui Sensei said he'd love to stay and chat, but he was just rushing off to reincarnate (well he is a good Buddhist, as we all know) as a dolphin in a 'pod' down in the Gulf of Mexico.

Seems there's some good work being done down there - therapists helping autistic kids in a 'swim with the dolphins' project - and Sensei thought it important to lend a hand (I think he meant 'fin'), before swimming on up to Florida to begin filming for his starring role in the latest Blockbuster Movie Remake: Flipper

However, not one to be sidetracked from my original intent, I felt I had to insist (albeit in a most respectful way) that Sensei tell me the Truth about Reiki - its origins and techniques, before he went.

You see, Sensei had told me that he plans to live a long and constructive life incarnated as a dolphin and therefore will not be available for other people to 'channel' him for many years to come (isn't that convenient - for me)

What he then went on to tell me was quite amazing - it seems that my own personal indepth research into the true nature of Reiki (well I have read 2 articles on the subject and watched a video about how aliens brought crystal healing to earth and taught the dinosaurs to dance the Lambada) was 99.9% accurate!

- yes, I know, it great isn't it - I was right all along!

I will of course be sharing the precise details of "The Truth about Reiki' in my new upcoming seminal workshop - a 4-week intensive, creatively entitled:
'The Truth about Reiki'.
(Residential attendance mandatory - all meals included - full payment in advance - no refunds. No cameras, audio or video recording permitted. No note-taking allowed. Full range of merchandise available. Authorised Training Franchises available for a six-figure fee.)

With the Truth at last having been revealed, I foresee a vast transformation occurring in the Reiki Community (and also a vast improvement in my own standard of Living)

I am honoured to be the vehicle through whom Usui-Sensei has agreed to
transmit The Truth to the World.

Note: Usui-Sensei fully endorses my Trademarking of the:
'True Teachings' Reiki System™
- any infringement of said Trademark will be vigorously contested via due legal process.

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