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A Rough Guide to 'fleshing out' your Reiki Classes
Copyright © 2002 James Deacon

I am often asked, by those who have just recently bought their way in at
Tier Three (or 'Master Level') of the Reiki 'Multi-Level Marketing Scam', for what is technically referred to as:
"Help and advice concerning effective strategies for 'fleshing out' Reiki Classes with meaningful content"
- or as I prefer to call it:
"Timewasting Tips"

My usual response to such requests is: "Yes, the help and advice you require is available - for a modest fee..." and then I attempt to sign them up for one of my franchised, 14-day residential courses entitled: "Snake-oil Reiki - the art of New-Age Bulls%^&ting".
Of course, as they are franchised, I am never there myself - I just take a healthy (alternative healthy, that is) percentage of the "scam money" [I mean "ethically, morally and Spiritually acceptable 'Energy Exchange'].

However, of late, I have been surprised to find that some people have not instantly seized the opportunity and signed up on the spot for my highly informative (and - for me - highly lucrative) course.

In an attempt to remedy this, I have decided to provide a 'free taster'
- just to whet the appetite, and hopefully sway those who are still somewhat unsure as to just how invaluable my 'Snake-oil Reiki" course really is.

So, here are some basic extracts, culled from the section of the course dealing with Reiki level 1 classes:

Class size

If I do have to go through the tedium of running classes myself, I always ensure there are at least 40 'marks' (- that is: caring individuals who wish to develop their healing skills) on each course. I mean, why waste 10 days running 4-person courses when you can cram all 40 into a single day (what? - you teach Reiki over TWO days - you're INSANE!)

Also, with 40 'marks' you can fill a LOT of time easily with the old:
"So, before we get started, lets all introduce ourselves, and say a little about our Spirituality and what led us to our respective interests in healing."

I've found that it's good to plant a couple of 'stooges' in the group and pick them to introduce themselves first - have them talk for about 4-5 minutes each - you might be surprised how many of the group will follow this lead, and also talk for about 5 minutes - some even longer; and when you have 40 people....

During this intro session, I usually just quietly disappear for a while - do some grocery shopping and - well, where d'you think I find the time to read the emails from over 20 Yahoo & Google Groups every day?

The Reiki Principles

What principles?


For a group of 40, this shouldn't take you more than about 7 or 8 minutes in total....(well, you don't want to tire yourself out by putting too much effort into it, do you?).

But don't worry, you can easily stretch this section of the class out by once more relying on your trusty 'stooges'.
Just as you did with the 'stooge'-led introductions - get everyone - one by one to describe their experience of receiving the attunement
-get your 'stooges' to be really emotional and enthusiastic - the mention of coloured lights, celestial music, perhaps even a few messages from their guides (Girl Guides, that is) often gets the group 'warmed up' - you'll be amazed at the way things unfold.
Again, the 5-minute rule applies.

Hand Positions

Show them ALL the different variations - Usui's, Hayashi's, Takata's, etc. etc.

And most important - IMPROVISE - I remember one time I managed to create a set with over 800 positions - and that was just for the upper body - told the group it was a spontaneous channelling from an Ascended Mistress (of King Charles II) and hoped they were making notes as, due to the nature of the channel I would have no knowledge of the information channelled after the event.

(that reminds me, I must get in touch with someone from that class and get a copy of the notes -there's a book in it somewhere - especially with a room full of eager witnesses to the actual channelling event)

The Reiki History

Of course - for added effect it's always a good idea to play the tape of Takata-Sensei relating the story of Reiki

Have you heard it - now there's a Lady who knew how to draw out a tale!

You should also stress the fact that some of the details are now believed to be somewhat less than accurate.

CAUTION: - DO NOT elborate on this.

If you do you will waste a golden opportunity to sign the entire group up there and then for your 'True History of Reiki, Honest' course [This will be discussed in full detail on the 'Snake-oil' residential course]

If any smarta** in the group pipes up with " but I already know the True History..." or some such drivel, again IMPROVISE - ask them what they think of the latest groundbreaking news from ... oh ... Wishii Washii Sensei, and the recently discovered 16mm cine-footage shot of Usui-Sensei giving a treatment to - oh, I dunno, lets say - Morehei Ueyshiba (Founder of Aikido) or some one - or some other equally believable on-the-spot fabrication.

You might be surprised just how quickly this will get their interest - and their signature on your 'True History' booking form...

Remember, there are some sharp-witted 'marks' out there - but being a Reiki Master means always keeping at least one step ahead of them.

And the very best way to ensure you gain the skills to enable you to keep ahead of them, is to sign up for one of my franchised, 14-day residential course entitled:

"Snake-oil Reiki - the art
of New-Age Bulls%^&ting".

For full details and dates of a course near you, call our information hotline, toll-free (well almost), today

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