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The Reiki Code

Challenge your perceptions…

The ReiKi Code - the international bestseller from renowned Japanese Cultural Historian and acclaimed Reiki Researcher, Jan Frown.

A skillfully written account of conspiracy, mis-information, intrigue, menace, cover-up, and Taisho-era politics. Exhaustively researched. Masterly and insightful. A must-read for everyone connected with the Art of Reiki.

Within pages of The ReiKi Code you will discover:

How, from the outset, the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai - hailed as the 'Keepers of the Flame' of Usui-sensei's Gift - actually preserved an intentionally corrupted version of his teachings.

Why the author believes that the modern-day Gakkai might actually be a recently 'restablished' society - in much the same way that, in the West, long-defunct esoteric orders have been re-established by those with no direct connection to the originals. Or alternatively, how the modern-day Gakkai's supposed existance may be nothing more than a convenient 'mechanism' invented to 'lend weight' to certain individuals personal views concerning the nature and practice of Reiki.

You will learn that, contrary to what has been suggested, Usui sensei was not a Tendai Buddhist - in fact not even a Buddhist at all.

How supposedly 'original' versions of Usui-sensei's early teachings, apparently being taught by two exceedingly long-lived Tendai Buddhist nuns, are - like these very nuns themselves - merely figments of an overactive Reiki-imagination.

That the term 'Reiki' has nothing to do with 'universal energy' but rather, speaks to the healing power of the individual's Spirit/Soul Essence - their Choku Rei ('Spirit Direct from Kami').

Discover the real reason it was initially claimed that the symbols were no longer used in native Japanese Reiki.

Read how - in an attempt by one Japanese Reiki Master to 'save face' - the name of a popular brand of Japanese aloeswood incense accidentally came to be presented as the allegedly 'proper' name of the Reiki power symbol. And how a 'secret' trigger-word, claimed by some to be the means of activating the mental-emotional symbol, was actually borrowed from a well-known brand of Sake!

See how the 1925 Chian Iji Ho (Peace Preservation Law/ Public Security Act), was also implemented to control the growth and activities of religious and spiritual groups considered to be promoting 'dangerous thoughts' - i.e. ideas in any way conflicting with, or critical of, the official views and doctrines of the State.

And how elements of Usui-sensei's teachings may have been seen to fall within this category.

Learn why Usui-sensei's Spiritual Healing Group was deemed a shky ruiji dantai ('quasi-religious organization') - and as such, fell under the control of the Japanese Home Ministry. How it was, to all intents and purposes, taken over by officers of the Imperial Navy, who had been assigned the task of 'realigning' its activities, aims and objectives.

Learn the real reason for the introduction of the practice of chanting Meiji Poetry at 'Reiki Meetings'.

Discover the secret subtext in the documents such as the Reiki Ryoho Hikkei.

See how Usui-sensei may not actually have died in 1926, as is commonly believed. How dates and age references given in the text of the Usui Memorial, hint at this.

Discover the correct ordering of the Reiki symbols and learn about the true significance and function of each individual symbol - newly disclosed insights that show the symbols in their true light - not merely as 'energetic tools', but as vital keys to the very Spiritual Core of Usui-sensei's Gift.

Discover how, conscious that essential elements of his teachings were being 'reworked' so as to support beliefs and practices more in keeping with the State ethos - and that under threat of imprisonment as a 'thought criminal' he was powerless to protest - Usui-sensei decided to pass on the core teachings concerning the Reiki 'Phenomenon' solely to his wife and children.

That while his original philanthropic intentions had been to share his 'Spiritual Method' (of Healing) with the world, he eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to preserve the True Spirit of Reiki was to keep the Spiritual Lineage of the 'Gift' within his own Blood Line...

And all this is just a taster of what awaits the reader within the pages of the astounding piece of scholarly research that is 'The ReiKi Code...

Now read what the critics have to say*

Impossible to put down...

Not even an A-list thriller-writer could make up something like this...

Fascinating, absorbing; possibly the most controversial piece of Reiki-investigation ever...

This intriguing volume is cram-packed with amazing historical detail...

An engrossing read - it provides rich food for thought...

A real page-turner....
You will never look at Reiki in the same way again...

An enthralling read that at once informs, educates and entertains...

About the Author

JAN FROWN (also writing as A. Parody) is the best-selling author of: "Figments of an Airbourne Pig's Imagination", "The Truth Is Out There: it just doesn't want to be found", and the seven-volume Angling classic: 'The Japanese Art of Fly-fishing'.

Thanks to massive sales of 'the ReiKi Code', Jan has been able to purchase the small West-Country village of 'Conspiracy-Theory-on-the-Wold', in the North of England, where she now lives with her collection of antique motorcycles, the mummified remains of a Meiji-era puffer-fish, and an 'Imaginary Friend' named Derek.


The ReiKi Code
by Jan Frown

Not available for sale from any good bookstore near you.
Also not available directly from the Author/Publishers


* Though not necessarily about 'The ReiKi Code'!


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