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[Author not known. Article believed to have been written some time in 1975?]

When Mrs. Hawayo Takata lays her hands on you, you’re aware of only a subtle touch at first, but shortly there after you feel a subtle reaction somewhere underneath your skin. Mrs Takata’s hands emit the healing of Reiki.

A Japanese origin, Reiki may prove to create as many problems for the medical profession as the Chinese art of acupuncture. Already there is a growing interest in Reiki among the weak and ailing.

The classes consisting of both men and women, conducted by Mrs. Takata in Park Forest, recently learned from Hawaii’s only master of Reiki that it “is cosmic energy giving life to us all. It is the dynamic force that governs the universe and it is available to anyone who wants to be an instrument of healing.”

She’s a petite, energetic lady of 74 years and has been a Reiki healer for three and a half decades and she is the third master of this healing art, which means she can implant Reiki in others so they may heal.

Mrs. Takata is fond of reminding everyone she meets for the first time that she wasn’t always the capable, healthy woman she is today. When she was 35 years old she was stooped and miserable, the victim of not one but several ailments leading in severity, asthma and a stomach ulcer. She had fearfully agreed to receive surgery in Tokyo when she heard of Reiki, and decided to forego the operation until she had tried this less painful method.

She remained under the care of Reiki Master, Chujiro Hayashi for four months, at the end of which time she was cured. Within a year she had become accomplished in the art of Reiki.

At that time, however, Reiki was guarded by the Japanese who hesitated to share this particular national art with others, but Mrs. Takata convinced Hayashi, a retired naval commander, that the world must have this knowledge. He agreed, taught it to her and she returned home to Hawaii to begin her four decade career in healing.

Reiki’s origin is in Zen Buddhism, its secret key was gleaned from the Sutras (an Eastern philosophical format) by Buddhist monk, Dr. Usui, its first master. But, says Mrs. Takata, it doesn’t matter what religion you profess, Reiki is universal. Calling it as it is – it is God’s power made available to those who desire to be free of suffering and to see their fellow man similarly unburdened. It requires only the gentle laying-on of hands that have received Reiki initiation through a master’s meditation, in this case, Mrs. Takata.

Her lectures are injected with humorous and earthy antidotes such as the story of her students, Hawaiian ranchers, who successfully made infertile sows or cows very productive. “Why shouldn’t animals benefit from Reiki? Even your plants will grow better from your touch” promises the healer.

A question often asked is “Can Reiki help one quit smoking or lose weight?” To this Mrs. Takata answers, “Of course, but don’t forget that it isn’t a substitute for good sense and will power. Loss of weight is facilitated by Reiki stimulation of the sluggish metabolism and in such cases I treat every day until the weight drops. There are no problems with sagging flesh and wrinkles when weight is lost with the aid of Reiki.”

In a more serious tone she cautions that terminal cases of cancer or tuberculosis may not respond – except that pain will be alleviated. That is a large “except.” First or second degree cases of these diseases will definitely show improvement, even cure, she asserts.

The diseased organs literally drink up the Reiki that is in the hands of the healer, the vibrations penetrating deep into areas that need it, Mrs. Takata explains. Often we’re not even aware of where our trouble actually lies until the reaction is felt beneath the healer’s touch.

When Mrs. Takata or those trained by her heal, they give advice on diet. It is simple and sensible: never eat when worried or upset and choose fruits and vegetables. However, everything is allowed, including meat and liquors. Moderation in all is the rule. “We must have health and happiness in this world so we can fulfil the purpose for which we came. Good sense and Reiki energy make this possible,” assures Mrs. Takata.

Hawayo Takata’s parents immigrated to Hanamaulu, Kauai from Japan; they named her “Hawayo” after the territory of Hawaii. Her husband (“My guiding light”) died of a heart attack in 1930, five years before she was cured of her numerous ailments.

In 1955 Mrs. Takata owned a health spa in La Jocinta, Calif., “A beautiful place except that the swimming pools I had built for therapeutic water treatments and recreational swimming completely filled up with desert sand during sand storms. My maintenance man didn’t appreciate this, nor did I.” Consequently she returned to Hawaii where she’ll construct a health center in Olaa, Kurtistown, when she retires from healing in 1978. Her work will be carried on by successors she has trained.

No one will say it’s a shame that Takata took her secret with her. I want to see many doctors and ministers trained in Reiki so that they will not continue to do just half a job for their patients and flocks.” In November, Mrs. Takata will begin teaching at the University of Hawaii.

Reiki could become the importation of the century. Presently those who attended Mrs. Takata’s classes here in the southwest suburb, are as those elsewhere on the mainland, eagerly anticipating their healing results for they remember her sincere, convincing statement, “Reiki is available to anyone who seeks it.”

Remember the source of the power and give thanks.”

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