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The following purports to reference a Level 1* Reiki Course held by Takata-sensei.
It has been attributed (apparently incorrectly) to Harue Kanemitsu, who is known to have taken both Level 1 and Level 2 with Takata-sensei.

(*Note: what we now call the 'Level 1' course, Takata-sensei actually refered to as the 'Introductory' course)



It is important to somehow motivate people to also help themselves and not rely totally on the healer. This can be done by neck exercises, and I would add, by foot and hand reflexology, by prayer, and above all a fierce desire to get well. They must learn to control their feelings and thus eliminate hate and fear and anger and greed. It is a medical fact that the above feelings release deadly poisons into the human body!
It is advisable, good and practical for two or more REIKI healers to work together, to heal each other, to strengthen their mutual faith, exchange experiences, and gain confidence. Furthermore 'Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.' Since 'REIKI' means universal power and wisdom, the above quote is applicable. Jesus was not talking of Himself, but of Universal Love and Wisdom, with which He declared Himself to be one.
If you feel power only in one hand, you can hold hands with yourself and charge or warm up the other hand.
When encountering cold body areas, it is a sure indication such areas need healing (unless the man is an iceman!!) after a long enough period of laying on hands, one can then feel the vibrations and then proceed the normal way until the vibs cease, or until allotted time is up, and continue later with more treatments.
The patient does not necessarily feel tingling where the hands are laying, the tingling might be felt in an entirely different area. However the healer follows HIS or HER directions and feelings.
ALLOW LOTS OF TIME! don't become discouraged if results are not immediate. Relaxation or sleep are results of tensions vanished or diminished!
It is well to have an agreed starting and finishing time, especially when working with a number of patients.

Four of us were led into a room and asked to sit in straight backed chairs in a row. I was told to take my wrist watch off because the teacher's power would damage the watch. She then explained that it was unimportant just what we call the power nor that we know why it works, but she would show us exactly how to use it.
She then asked us to fold our hands in a prayerful way: flat palm to palm, with arms lose and relaxed, holding the hands with the thumbs about level with the third eye. We were then told to close our eyes in this position and she took up a position a few feet in front and to the left of us. We could then feel a tremendous power, almost like much static, especially in the face and the hands. While we could not see, I know she did move in front of us. Two or three times she touched our hands and perhaps she did bless or purify our fingers and hand. One time she blew strongly in our faces. Then she told us we could open our eyes. The past is over and done with. Your hands are now healing hands.

We then left the private room, and in the large living room she set up four straight backed chairs in a row, one behind the other, and we were told to sit in the chairs and begin healing another. She told us how to put our hands on the shoulders of the person in front: Put a slight pressure on the fingertips, let the palm also rest on the shoulder, and we should in our own fingertips feel vibration, and warmth in our shoulder from the contact of the person behind us. The person in front puts his or her hands in lap. After about five minutes we changed positions. All participants underwent this experience. she then went on to say that from now on we should begin to heal ourselves. Those who are overweight would lose the avoir-dupois and those who are under weight would gain up to their right weight. I believe that I experienced a healing in my right ear while sitting in the 'chair line-up.' She outlined two healing series:
1. Put both hands over eyes, with slight pressure on the eyeballs for about ten minutes, then move hands to roughly above the ears, but a little more forward, for the same 10 minutes, then move hands on back of head, just above the neck for ten minutes.
2. This series is very similar to the 'chakra-method.' You put the hands over the solar plexus, then cover the spleen, then the reproduction area, then the heart, the throat, and the forehead.
It is immaterial what you think while healing yourself or others. It does not matter how you stand or sit, just so you are comfortable. Wherever there is 'disharmony' in the other person's body you feel a vibration in the hand.
She mentioned a black lady who was a diabetic and was about to lose her eyesight, she could no longer read the newspaper, and was vastly overweight. She regained her eyesight almost immediately and within 9 months lost a lot of weight.
The instructor said she no longer uses or needs glasses, even though she wore glasses most of her life.
For a while I was sitting in front of the chair-row with the four healers in it, and I could feel the power emanating from them. I could also see the strong auras of the people, even after they left the 'healing row' their aura stayed strong. On one fellow I could see the aura not only about his head, but around his entire body.
I have a feeling that there was a connecting 'arc' of spirit between the healers in the chair row, but could not very well ask about it.
The instructor at times is somewhat disconcerting in her answers, and I have a feeling that she does not want to give more away than she has planned.
There were about twelve in our group Paul James (ed.: name changed to protect anonymity), our host, is among them.
It was announced that tomorrow (second night) all healing pertaining everything from the neck up will be covered, including mental disturbances.
She urged that we practice healing tonight yet. (What better way to make stick what she told us. She did not want us to take notes, but rather to watch her closely. 'Distant healing' will be a graduate course, for those who have mastered what she is teaching in the basic course)
This promises to be an interesting four days! Bless the little woman.

Tonight's subject was everything pertaining to the head, from the shoulders up.
We again had our 10 to 15 minute private charging period. This time we were told to place our hands immediately in the praying position mentioned last night: hands flat together, arms free, especially at the body, at about the height of the 'third eye.' I felt my hands getting warmer from the wrist up, almost as if they were being filled with heat. When the heat reached my fingertips I had a tingling sensation.
Healing the EYES: anything to do with the eyes, including glaucoma, cataracts, sties. Place a napkin (paper) over the eyes, and put fingers over the eyes, then move to the side of the head, and then back of the head. She had success in all eye diseases, some take months, others only a few treatments. It is always advisable to treat daily, for 15 to 20 minutes.
Healing of the nose: place napkin over the nose, but do not obstruct the nostrils, place hands over nose, then over cheekbones, and finally over forehead, and top of head.
Healing of asthma: Place hands at root of throat, were it joins shoulders, then on underside of jaws and on cheeks, then nose as noted above. Also treat ovaries if female, or prostate if male, also solar plexus.
Healing of ears: Place hands over ears, put finger in ear, then put patient on side and place hand behind the ear, then turn around and do same behind other ear, also treat solar plexus and throat, for ear trouble may start with wrong nutrition. Clean out ears, after treatment. Wash eyes after treatment, but don't rub them.
Healing voice box and build up voice: Place hand (and finger) in indentation where throat joins shoulder, then treat throat all around.
Healing migraine headaches: They are frequently caused by wrong nutrition, and thus the stomach and kidneys require treatment (see tomorrow's lecture). Then treat as if for asthma and hay-fever, also top of head, back and sides and throat.
It was also pointed out that the feet should be treated, naturally with the shoes off.
Loss of hair, even bald-headedness, can be treated, and it is important that proper diet be observed. Lemon juice, seeds, etc. She did not say too much about diets, but indicated the importance of it.
Healing of teeth: Place hand over upper and lower jaws, move to cover all teeth.
Healing of gum troubles: same way. Do not be concerned if teeth become loose, for this is part of the cleansing and healing process. The gums will tighten up again as they heal.
Healing of the tongue and inside mouth: same way.
Healing of goiter: (there is a visible, outer, and also and inner goiter. Trouble is caused by wrong digestion, and solar plexus and kidney should be treated first, then place hands at root of the neck, where goiter would be, then treat eyes as outlined on page #1. Goiter will cause bulging eyes. Also treat heart, because Goiter is also a circulation problem.
Healing of warts and Polyps: same way, by placing hands over warts and over nose (if polyps) in due time they will simply fall off, fall out including their roots. Polyps are usually cut off
or burned off, but the root remains and thus they grow back in.
Today our instructor did mention that healing takes place through the power of God, and our 'REIKI-Hands' are simply channels through which the power flows.
She squeezed out all 'blackheads' on the back of our 'model' and indicated that they are signs of a too rich diet, especially too much sugar and fat.
Today, also, after our 'private session, we were sitting in the 'four chair healing parade,' as outlined yesterday. In both, the private session and the healing chairs we alternated man and women. She said we would never lose our healing power, except if we were to try and teach REIKI to another.....
She said our sensitivity would improve as we practice what we learn. When we experience the tingling sensation we encounter an area to be healed. When it stops, it is time to move our hands again. "Heal yourselves! Heal yourselves! she said several times, you come first before others.
It was brought out that there is nothing wrong with charging people for a service received, especially so since the healer invested time and money to become efficient in the work. Also the healer may have to pay for services, which he or she would normally do him- or herself if time was not taken up with healing, not to speak of cost of table, a room set aside for it. There may be other 'signs' of healing action such as diarrhea, weakness and feeling upset.
Meditation and prayer before beginning treatments is always a good way of 'focusing' the power.
It is well to check and calm the fear the patient may have. The healer may find that he or she has ups and downs in healing power, but by keeping on doing the work, this will eventually level out and up.
Sometimes one's own family simply refuses to believe that one of their own is a gifted healer, but then it has been discovered before that 'A prophet may not be welcome in his own country.' After all doctors don't treat their families either.
Heavy perspiration can also be an indication of healing taking place.
In healing, others have also had the sensation that there is no body where the healers hand is resting.

A good phrase for our type of work is SPIRITUAL THERAPY. That not only covers the laying on of hands, but spiritual counseling, even prayers and is 'non-committing.'
When both hands are placed together in this fashion a greater concentration of power is achieved.

In treating the back, place hands as indicated as keep them moving , down, down, down, on both sides, then treat the spine last, top to bottom.

A sort of X-ray healing can be achieved by placing right hand in front over disharmonious spot and the left hand in back. (if you can reach it) This is where two healers can do things one can't!
Added notes pertaining to second night (given on the third night):
Migraine headaches: Treat feet also.
Baby Drools: Treat head, teeth and also feet.
Eye disease: As noted, but also treat ovaries or prostate.
Nose Bleeding: If artery is out, pack of ice in nape of neck, pinch nose. May take 2 to 3 hours to stop.
Lesions on Tongue, Swollen tongue: Treat head and throat, but also feet.
Reiki Healing Class - Third Night.

The one, two, three, and four treatment:
It is an almost universal treatment, and since the hands cover a rather large area, one need not be concerned about exact locations. The instructor said the Solar Plexus can be compared to the main-motor of the body, it affects all other operations, therefore keep it in A-one operating order!
Bad breath is an indication of poor digestion (or bad teeth!)
(6) is location if constipated.
One can treat people, plants, animals and fish with REIKI.
Vitalize your food (bless it, see it as God-substance, thus every meal is partaking in God-substance or is a Holy and Wholesome supper- Unity)
Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cancer (anywhere), Gallbladder - always apply the 1 to 4 treatment.
Treat light cases first in order to gain confidence and to build up the healing - channel's own faith in Reiki. Never give up!
R E I K I = Universal Life Energy, God-Power, Creative Intelligence.
Food: Grapefruit juice, raw beets, grated raw celery, soy-milk.
(5) indicates healing location for colons and gall bladder.
Raw red beets are excellent for cancer and blood purification.
Stay away at first from third stage Hemorrhage treatments, but go ahead with second stage, however be prepared to see it get worse at first, add'l flow is indication that cleaning is taking place.
Pneumonia: Place arms of patient behind and under head. Then with patient laying face up, reach with both hands under patient and treat one side of lungs, then stand on other side and treat that same way.
Caution : Do not uncover patient, only enough to lay on hands. If patient perspires, wash gently, always rub UP towards heart, face and throat rub down. Give liquid food. Treatment lasts as much as two hours.
Hiccups: Put arms behind head and treat diaphragm (3&4) until it stops.
Perma-Sneeze: Treat same as nose bleeding.
Heart trouble is not a cause but the effect of trouble elsewhere! Treat 1 to 4, then treat the heart.
High blood Pressure: Treat 1 to 4, then head, throat and heart.
Emphysema: Treat 1 to 4
Arteriosclerosis: Treat 1 to 4 and head treatments.
Bed wetting: Treat 1 to 4 and bladder (5), then turn over and treat kidneys. Try to train not continuous urination but a sort of stop-go-stop-go-stop-go method.
Kidneys: self treatment = stand up, reach back with both hands. others: turn around face down and lay on both hands.
Stroke: lay patient flat on floor, ease all restricting clothing use 1 to 4 treatment, then head. If patient is lamed on one side: work downward to get blood down. Caution Left side head rules right side of body and reverse.
Polio: Use the 1 to 4 treatment, then turn over on face and treat like common cold.
Chickenpox: Use the 1 to 4 treatment plus head treatments (all).
Burns: Simply lay on hands.
Wrinkles: At young and healthy people it may indicate that the body needs more liquid! Age-wrinkles: Lay on hands, push wrinkles up and , or , in. They will then be anchored inside.
Arthritis, Rheumatism, Dursitis, Sciatica: Use the 1 to 4 treatment, and massage the legs downward.
Conclusion: The REIKI Healing Method is a way of healing whereby man offers himself to be a channel for the flow of God-Power.

I was with the first group that went in for our usual private 'power-charge.' We were told to fold our hands in prayer and raise them as in other evenings, thumb about even with the third eye. This time I felt first a warmth in my wrist, which then slowly rose right up to my finger tips, as if my hands were forming a cup filled with heat or energy. When our instructor was standing in front of me, I felt as if my whole chest was open and a stream of gentle, but warm energy was flowing into my chest from her. She also walked behind us this time and sort of tugged at our heads, pulling it back. At the end we were informed that our healing power is permanent, we would never lose it, except if we were to try to teach or give it to someone else.
As we entered the meeting room, we again had our 4-chair line-up, healing one another.
This evening dealt with the back from the neck down.
While we learned the 1 to 4 of the front, we were shown today the counterpart for the back.

A good front and back treatment should last about 1 1/2 hours according to our instructor, and we are to stay long on the position 3 and 4 (front and back).
For sinus, ear and nose trouble also treat the lungs above at #1 position at back.
For whiplash treat throat, neck and back.
For nervous breakdown: treat especially left side pos. 1 & 2 . May take three to six weeks, daily application.
Instructor suggested that when healing is being done, that daily treatments be given.
Important to treat spleen, which she calls the timer of the heart, Left side position of 2, 3 and 4.
For piles and prostate gland trouble treat #5.
For ovaries etc. treat #5
Bleeding piles are dangerous, and cause much blood loss. Always give 1 to 4 treatment front and back and 5.
Heart Trouble could be gas trouble, pushing against heart. Give 1 to 4 treatment front and back, then give rubbing 'back towards heart.'
Varicose veins - treat lower body front and back and put hands right on veins.
Watercress is good for heart trouble.
Skin impurities have their origin in digestion, treat stomach first, then face.
Eggs can cause itchy skin.
Split nails - drink water-gelatin solution.
Raw tomato juice is all right, but not the canned kind.
Our instructor emphasized again and again the 1 to 4 treatment front and back.
It is important to think and use one's head: don't just treat the effect. Distinguish between cause and effect and where possible go to the cause, and I think that is why she emphasized the 1 to 4 treatment so much: it takes most everything in.





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