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Some time ago I remember reading an interview in one of the Reiki magazines in which either Phyllis Furumoto, or Paul Mitchell (- her co-holder of the Office of Grandmaster in the Reiki Alliance) stated that there are actually only three Reiki symbols used in Usui Shiki Ryoho ( - meaning this in the sense of: 'in terms of giving Reiki treatment'). [We know Takata-sensei taught the sole use of DKM was for attunement.]

It was only a short while after this (-and some might say it was merely a coincidence?) that Hiroshi Doi decided to reveal yet another new snippet of 'secret Gakkai information', i.e:
that there were actually only three symbols in the Usui Reiki Ryoho system...

However, unlike the Reiki Alliance leaders, Doi's meaning was not that the DKM was solely reserved for attunement purposes. He was claiming that there were only three symbols. Period.
Three symbols - and the DKM was not one of them!

Doi claimed that the Gakkai doesn't use the DKM, not even for attunement purposes - and that Usui-sensei didn't use a 'master symbol' at all.

[Though, as Doi himself states, he has not reached the Shinpiden level in the Gakkai - so he is therefore not privy to the 'Mystery Teachings' of this level. The Gakkai (so Doi tells us) is a very formal organisation - strictly following rules of protocol and secrecy - so just how is it that he is supposedly able to say what does or does not feature in the attunement and other practices used by those who have reached the higher levels in the organisation ? ]

Hiroshi Doi's claims have apparently also been 'validated' by certain other 'cliquish' Reiki Masters, though no one is willing (or able?) to say just how they have validated them! And soon, others started to spread the story, as usual without question...

But then again, just who would they question - Doi, so we are told, is the only one with direct access to the fabled Gakkai.
(Of course, many are currently questioning whether the Gakkai actually really
exists or whether its 'members' are - to put it politely 'channelled' by Doi…)

DKM - a piece of Artwork?
Hiroshi Doi would have us believe that, originally, the DKM was simply a piece of calligraphy which Usui-Sensei presented to each of his Shinpiden students.
The way Doi tells it, this piece of 'brush art', was intended as a reminder that their ultimate aim in life should be the achievement of enlightenment; but that somehow, over the years, the calligraphy evolved into an actual Reiki symbol…

Interestingly, a simple online search for DKM will eventually lead to the discovery that - hanging in a place of prominence in most modern-day Ninjutsu Dojo's - one will find a scroll bearing a piece of calligraphy which reads:
'Shiken Haramitsu DAI KO MYO'
And the purpose of this scroll?
To remind the martial arts student that their ultimate aim in life should be the achievement of enlightenment...

So, having been informed that Usui-Sensei himself practiced a form of martial art, should we view this ninjutsu-related fact as something that 'lends weight' to Hiroshi Doi's story ?


But personally, I am more of the opinion that Doi's story about DKM simply being a piece of calligraphy may well have come into being purely as a result of Doi himself having 'googled' (literally or otherwise) the phrase DKM - in an attempt to seek out other snippets of information about its wider usage.
[And no doubt he would have also discovered the link with the Sekai Kyusei kyo and their 'Scroll of Light'... or would he?]

DKM, as Doi teaches it?
So why then - if the DKM was not actually a Reiki symbol and neither the Gakkai, nor Usui-Sensei, ever even used a master symbol of any sort - does Doi himself teach the use of the DKM, as a master symbol?

Well apparently, Doi says that having been used and 'believed in' by so many Reiki practitioners over the years, the DKM has developed a life of its own, and has become empowered as a viable symbol in its own right.
(An interesting twist, I feel - that somehow we, the collective Reiki Community, rather than Usui-Sensei - are responsible for creating and empowering the 'master symbol' which we use to attune others to Usui-sensei's Reiki Phenomenon!)

If not Usui-Sensei, then who?
And if the DKM was not originally the Reiki 'master symbol' - if there wasn't even the concept of a 'master symbol' - how and when did DKM become the 'master symbol'?
Who is responsible?

[I admit I find it really quite fascinating - the way this whole process works. It's really quite a clever 'mind-game' - you claim an accepted 'fact' to be untrue, but instead of even bothering to work out a clear and rational alternative scenario, you simply offer snippets of information here and there - snippets of information that will logically invite further questions - and hey presto! this opens up a 'creative space' into which other inquiring minds are drawn, to engage in further speculation - further 'flights of revisionist fancy' - on your behalf!]

In an attempt to 'fill in the missing links' it has been suggested that Hayashi sensei may have created the concept of a 'master symbol' exclusively for Takata-sensei (as to why he should have done this - or even felt the need to do so - well, 'flights of revisionist fancy'…).

And, as to why Hayashi-sensei - who, from what we can gather, was concerned with developing Reiki as a therapeutic modality (rather than a spiritual discipline) - would add to the system's 'powertools' something like the DKM - which has strongly spiritual overtones, intimating as it does, of the Radiant Wisdom of Deity?

Well, here is yet further opportunity for 'flights of revisionist fancy'.

It has also been suggested that Takata-sensei invented the master symbol herself - which means we would have to assume that Hayashi-sensei must have either given her, shown her, or at least told her about, the DKM calligraphy (supposedly only used as a piece of inspirational artwork) ['flights of...']

[It really is so easy to get drawn into this speculative 'mind-game'!]

In support of this theory that it was Takata's creation, it has been pointed out that one of Hayashi-sensei's other  students, Chiyoko Yamaguchi (of Jikiden Reiki) didn't use or teach the DKM master symbol - she had not received it from Hayashi-sensei. 

Was this because Hayashi-sensei himself did not have it to use or teach? ['flights of...']

(Or maybe Hayashi-sensei was simply experimenting with different ways of teaching what had afterall by this time evolved into Hayashi Reiki Ryoho - perhaps this was why Chiyoko Yamaguchi didn't receive the DKM as a master symbol from him?)

[Chiyoko Yamaguchi did not begin her Reiki training until after Takata-sensei had completed her Master level training, which included the use of the DKM]

But there is also another possible explanation why Chiyoko Yamaguchi didn't receive the DKM from Hayashi-sensei:

Some time back on at least one Reiki forum, questions were raised about whether or not Chiyoko Yamaguchi ever actually undertook the Master Level with Hayashi-sensei.

Not long after this, it was revealed that Mrs. Yamaguchi had actually completed her training, not with Hayashi-sensei, but with her uncle, Wasaburo Sugano, who it seems was one of Hayashi-sensei's master-level students...

The fact that Sugano did not teach the DKM as the master symbol, does not necessarily mean that Hayashi-sensei did not.

It has also been commented that (interestingly I thought), it was only after her son, Tadao, had attended a 'western' style Reiki seminar that the Yamaguchi's began to talk about Mrs Yamaguchi's training with Hayashi-sensei…
Mrs. Yamaguchi claimed she used have a number of notes (apparently copied from Hayashi-Sensei's own Reiki notes), but that these were later lost in a fire during a time when she was living in Manchuria.
Her certificates seem to have also gone the same way...

But all this is beginning to lead away from the issue of Hiroshi Doi's 'mind-game' claims that originally DKM was not the 'master symbol' - not a Reiki symbol at all…

Just as well, though, because if you were expecting a nice neat conclusion to this piece, there isn't one.

Because, at this point I'd just like to introduce yet another new snippet of 'secret Gakkai information', courtesy of Hiroshi Doi.


According to Doi, the most important and powerful Reiki symbol is the HSZSN…



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