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Reido Reiki is the system as created and taught by Fuminori Aoki, of the Nagoya Reiki Lab (formerly the "Human & Trust Institute" - founded in 1990).

Reido claims to be true to the origins of Reiki, and is essentially a combination of Western-style Reiki and various Japanese techniques.

It is strongly influenced by Barbara Ray's modified and augmented version of Reiki; and, somewhat reminiscent of Barbara Ray's system, Reido also consists of several additional levels beyond the three found in Usui Shiki Ryoho. [ Reido has the following levels: 1, 2, 3a, 3b, - then three 'master' levels: 4a, 4b, 4c,]

In Reido there is an emphasis on regular Reiki practice, meditation, and a need to live life with sincerity.

Level 1 is presented as a 1-day 6-hour course.

This foundation level includes a discussion on the history of Reiki. The student receives two basic attunements, is taught a symbol unique to Reido Reiki, and receives two attunements to this symbol (called 'koriki'*).
As with other styles, the focus of Reido Level 1 training is on practical elements of Reiki. Students are taught the basic techniques, including feeling the energy, and how to do self-treatment. Time is also allotted for actual treatment practice.

[*'Koriki' ='force of happiness' or 'power of happiness'. The symbol is said to grant peace and serenity]

Level 2 is also presented as a 1-day 6-hour course

Again, as with other styles, Reido Level 2 is about building on the abilities gained at Level 1.
It includes the teaching of the 3 Usui-Reiki symbols and mantras.
There are a total of 6 attunements at this level.
Focus is on the treating of others (in a non-professional capacity), mental-emotional work, and distance treatment.
Japanese Traditional Reiki techniques including Hatsurei-ho are also taught.

Level 3a is presented as a 2-day course

This level brings a further increase in connection with the Reiki ability and amongst other things, goes deeper into self-healing and purification (including soul-level healing/healing the past/clearing of karmic influences?), and the awakening of the creative influence of our true self.
There are three attunements, and the Master symbol is introduced at this level, as are various additional healing techniques, meditation practice, and practices to help achieve specific goals..

Level 3b is presented as a 2-day course

One attunement is given at this level.
3b rounds out and completes training in Reiki therapy. The student needs to show a comprehensive understanding of methods and techniques such as scanning, beaming, working in the aura, etc.
There is emphasis on deepening ones self-reliance, and of integrating Reiki practice and understanding into daily life.

Level 4a is presented as a 2-day course

This level is the first level of training for those who wish to teach Reido Reiki.
The initial attunement process is taught here
Students are expected to undergo an internship before going on to run their own courses.

Beyond this are levels 4b and 4c - training in which involves working closely with Reido Reiki's founder Fuminori Aoki


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