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- an extract from Reiki Master Betty J. Hassenblatter's newsletter
Copyright 2006 James Deacon


So, you don't know your lineage, eh? Perhaps it would be helpful if you could find out about it, but then again...


Quality Training Assured by Betty J. Hassenblatter

To the 60 students I have made Reiki Masters

It seems a couple of you wanted to know about my Reiki- what was it you called it? oh yes thats right: 'Lineage' .
(I must admit, as I've only been teaching Reiki for just over two weeks now, I didn't know what you were on about, so I've had to get a book from the library. Well, I only received my level 1 and 2 attunements at a Tarot-reading party on the Saturday, and became a Reiki Master on the Sunday, and as I had never even heard of Reiki before the Saturday - and started attuning students on the Monday, I didn't really have any time to learn about the more obscure and esoteric elements of Reiki - like this lineage thing)

So, I phoned Eunice, the lady who put the attunement on me (She said that as she did not provide them, I should really make myself a Reiki Certificate, as a lot of people like to see that sort of thing - so as they know you are a proper trained Reiki Master. She recommended I look on the internet as sometimes you can find certificates to download and just fill in your details on them. She did also tell me that, unless I wanted to mail the certificate to her, with additional stamps to cover its return, I would have to sign it with her signature [or as close as I could get it] - just to make it authentic)

So, anyway, Eunice said she would email me the following details about the lineage thing.
Apparently this is how we prove that we have received proper Reiki training, and that the person who gave it to us had also had proper training, and so on back to whoever it was that started the whole thing - Eunice did mention the name but, I can't quite recall it at the moment - Mrs Alice Hayashikata, or someone ?

Eunice also said something about how, many people try to play down the importance of lineage, but that this is often because there are some 'anomalies' in certain lineages - things that some people might not really want publicised. [I must admit I've no idea what she meant by this...]

So, for those people who were asking, here is my lineage, working backwards from
- well I guess, me: Reiki Master Betty J. Hassenblatter.

[Along with the list of names, Eunice has even provided some details about several of the other lineagers ( - is that the right word?) including actual quotes from some of the people themselves.]

Reiki Master Eunice Foggis

"I received the 'combined level' single Reiki attunement by accident (walked into the wrong tent at a Mind Body Spirit show - thought I'd been queueing up for the five-minute shoulder massage!) I've never received a Reiki treatment and have no real interest in using Reiki myself, but selling attunements does help put my son through college."

Reiki Master Arleene MacEndry

"I added my name to an attunement list on a Reiki news forum - at least I think it was an attunement list (The forum was Indonesian-Language, and as I don't speak Indonesian - it did have the word 'Reiki' in it though). I hope they understood my request?
Anyhoo - then I found a 300 word description of how to do the attunements in a crystal healing magazine. The article was written by Bryann Jaycobs, so technically I can claim him as part of my lineage, can't I?"

Reiki Master Briann Jaycobs

Briann says that he had dreams over three consecutive nights in which an unseen figure, believed by Briann to be Reiki Master Peter O'Farrelle, attuned him to all three levels, as well as providing indepth tuition in the various developmental techniques and treatment practices associated with Reiki (On each of the three nights in question Briann had consumed considerable quantities of bananas and cheese, and had been avidly speed-reading his way through a stack of Reiki books, directly before settling down to sleep...)

Reiki Master Peter O'Farrelle

At first, Peter, who had never even heard of Briann Jaycobs, refused to associate himself with Briann's claims, but, after Briann offered to pay Peter for the 'Astral training' he had received ( - a sum above and beyond the 'going rate' for formal training in all three levels), Peter suddenly relented, admitting that he did indeed have the ability enter his student's dreams and train them while they slept. Peter now dedicates himself solely to teaching Reiki in this way. He requires students to prepare for his nocturnal training course by eating lots of cheese, lots of bananas, and speed-reading several Reiki books, directly before settling down to sleep...

Enoria Finkelstiene

"Principles? Really? Gee, its a good thing you mentioned that! I thought it was the Five Reiki Principals - y'know, like five people who were heads of different schools of Reiki or something. So, these Principles then, what..."

Todd Hamillton-Kay

"Well, when people come to my Reiki classes, I attune them to Reiki obviously, but as I am also worshiper of Renithratria: Lord of the Seven Prothrassean Hells, and Right Hand of Satan - I also perform an initiation to bind them as a servant of Renithratria. Well, no of course I don't ask their permission, I don't even tell them I've done it; though most of them usually figure it out for themselves - when the 'signs' start appearing..."

Reiki Master Alberto 'Fingers' Posman

"Use Reiki? Whadda ya mean use it? Its just multi-level-marketing, right? (some folks maybe call it 'pyramid selling', but its still da same thing) Ya find some stake money, buy ya'self in, then away ya go: just place a few ads, they roll up all starry-eyed, ya just wave your hands over 'em, do that hui yin thing, blow on 'em - then sell 'em a certificate. Then they can go out - do the same; an' hope they recoup their stake an' something more on top before the market's flooded, the whole thing collapses - an' they gotta move on to the next town. I know Ms Sung talked about 'spiritual principles' an' stuff, but I always kinda thought that was just additional sales spiel, right?
What? No, ya kiddin' me - straight up? Ya mean I coulda used it to get ridda my back ache? - I coulda saved a fortune in chiropractor's bills!"

Reiki Master Joely Ling Sung

"I was at a shamanic drumming seminar, run by Cary Fassenbascher's sister. The whole Reiki Level 1, 2, & Master thing was just a freebie incentive really. An extra half-hour course thrown in as a bonus certificate, when you signed up for the residential, advanced shamanic drumming seminar. So remind me - what am I supposed to do with this attunement thingy?"

Reiki Master Rev. Cary Fassenbascher

"Well, being a very advanced spiritual person - I mean, I do Tai Chi an' everything - when I heard about this Reiki thing and how you got to have this really cool title (always wanted people to address me as 'Master') well, I just had to get the certificate (oh yeah, and of course learn all that info about business cards, and advertising for students, and stuff)
How much time do I spend treating clients compared with running Reiki Training seminars? - Treating clients.... let me see, I'm sure I must have done at least one treatment? I did actually do a couple of self-treatments way back when I first became a Reiki master, but, really I don't have time for that sort of thing y'know?

Ethel Marelli

"I was originally intending to get my Reiki attunement from this video a friend of mine was going to buy - all you had to do was follow the instructions on the tape and the tape itself would attune you - but my friend spent the $500 on some beauty treatments instead, so that was the end of that idea!
Eventually, received my Reiki ability by Distant Attunement from some Master in India. Or rather, I thought I did! Seems the guy completely forgot to actually do the attunement! I only found out after I'd already attuned Cary and about 6 other new masters, and they had already started attuning students of their own. But then I met Dean, and he said that because I had believed that I was a Reiki Master at the time I attuned those people, it would be OK, and suggested I needn't bother disheartening them by telling them about the mix-up. Dean said he'd attune me 'retrospectively' - something about sending the attunement into the past so that would mean Cary and the others were attuned afterall - at least I think that was it? Dean was a great help; he lent me a Reiki book and everything."

Reiki Master Dean... (something-or-other)

Dean, who was very much into the whole Positive Affirmations thing (even though he'd never actually had any discernable results from all his 10 years of 'wishing'), had watched with interest an interview with a Reiki practitioner on one of the cable channels. He thought Reiki would be something he'd really like to 'get into', but being an 'I know best' type of person, and not really wanting to get caught up in that whole thing of having to receive attunements, learn to work with the energy, or admit that there might actually be something to be gained from receiving hands-on tuition from a real-life, experienced Reiki Master, Dean decided that he would use the power of Affirmations to instantly become an experienced Reiki Master himself (and while he was at it, he would throw in a few extra affirmations to the effect that he had received some Reiki treatments - something he had in fact never actually done).
So lighting a candle, he sat down, affirmed that he was a Reiki Master, skilled in his art - and hey presto...
{Though, Dean now claims that a little while later - about six or seven months ago now - he did infact also receive an attunement from an Andalucian Reiki Master named Delores Maria Xavier, while working in a beach-side bar in Torremolinos, Spain]

Delores Maria Xavier

We are told that ex-Carmelite nun, Delores has very recently given up all involvement with Reiki, taken a new name and is believed to be living in an 'Eco-Spiritual' commune somewhere in New Zealand.

After Delores Maria Xavier, so Eunice tells me, there is apparently a gap in the lineage thing...

At least a couple of the links in the chain are said to be missing (O.K., so, Eunice reckons it might actually be nearer to 15 or 16 links)

But apparently the other side of the gap the lineage goes back to a:

Dr. Hawayo Takata

Dr. Hayashi

and then to someone called... Mister Usui?

[Though personally, I don't know if these last three people (from their names it sounds as if they might possibly be Japanese or something?) actually have anything to do with this Reiki - I mean, I've not heard anything about Reiki having any connection with Japan.
Eunice seems to think Reiki was developed in Tibet by a couple of British Explorers who were members of the Theosophical Society.
But based on my own experience as a Reiki Master (17 days, 21 hours and counting? Yeee!), and what with all the
esoteric-y type techniques and stuff that makes up most of the Reiki course, I'm sure it must have originated in the West: Europe somewhere - with Anton Mesmer perhaps - he was into all that sort of thing - always talking about something called Universal Fluid - I guess thats where we get the term Universal Energy?
And in lots of old illustrations of people doing his 'Animal Magnetism', well it looks just like how Eunice taught me to do Reiki.]


Well, any way, there you have it, my Reiki lineage - and now, I suppose, yours too!

So you see, everyone who signs up for my Reiki courses can rest secure in the knowledge they are receiving the fullest, purest training possible in this wonderful practice that has been passed down for hundreds of years with care and integrity, from one highly experienced Master to the next...


Best wishes

Your loving Reiki Master, Betty J. Hassenblatter.





O.K. - so the 'extract' above is fictional. Well,
technically fictional

You see (and to me, this is the scary part), except for literally a couple of 'exaggerations' (and I'll leave it to you to figure out what they are), everything in the piece is closely based on real things I have observed and encountered over the years in my interactions with ('master' level) members of the Reiki community, both face to face and online .

I have simply woven them together into a single tale, changing the names and other identifiable information - in order to protect ...

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