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It seems that while more and more folk are becoming comfortable with the idea of receiving hands-on Reiki treatment, many still find the whole concept of 'distant treatment' something very difficult to believe in.

They seem to have need of some sense of tangibility to their treatment
[- which, I suppose, is only to be expected in a world where standard therapeutic practice relies on various forms of physical intervention or manipulation, or on the patient's ingestion of medication in one form or other].


In response to this, over the last few years a number of people have been experimenting with novel and alternative methods of delivering Reiki to the client when they are not 'face-to-face' with the practitioner.

This has resulted in the creation of a number of related Reiki-based products.

For example,

we have had 'Reiki Patches' (which you stick on your skin, much like you would do with a Nicotine Patch)


'Reiki Essences' (based on the same concept as the 'Flower Essences' popularised by Edward Bach).

And then there have been the socalled

'Homoeopathic Reiki Preparations"
[though as the basic premise of Homoeopathy is that the resultant preparation has the exact opposite effect to that of the 'substance' on which the preparation is based - in this case Reiki Energy - one wonders just what effect a 'Homoeopathic Reiki Preparation' is likely to have! ]

Now, while some will no doubt admit that - in Reiki - there is always room for creativity, many 'Reiki-Purists' tend to dismiss such alternative forms of 'Reiki Delivery-system' as, at best, merely a novelty, and at worst, yet another new gimmick by means of which less scrupulous practioners can improve their finances.

Personally, I like to believe that yes, while no doubt there are some who are primarily 'in it for the money', in the main it is a case of Reiki stimulating peoples creativity - and in the process, finding new ways of furthering the spread of Reiki's influence in the world.


But then again, the great, anonymous "they" do say that there is 'nothing new under the sun'....


Care for a spoonful of 'Tincture', anybody?


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