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[Updated: Oct 20, 2006]


One night, a new neighbour (who had only moved in a few days earlier) called at my home, carrying a brown paper bag.

He apologised for calling so late, but said he had a problem and hoped I might be able to help.

He explained that he had an important job interview lined up for the following morning and naturally wanted to look his best. However, as most of their possessions were still in packing cases, he had only managed to locate one pair of 'formal' shoes, and these had somehow been damaged in transit - both heels had become partially detached and the sole of the left shoe was split.
And as the local shoe-repair shop was closed for the night he didn't know what else to do.

Thinking he wanted to borrow a pair of my shoes, I was about to ask what size he wore, when he produced the damaged shoes from the bag he was carrying.

In response to my puzzled expression, he explained that his wife had been talking to one of the other neighbours, Mrs Connors, and that she had told her that I did something called "Reiki".

"Yes, that's correct, but…" I started to say.

"So do you think you can do anything with these?" he asked hopefully.

"Well, shoe repair isn't really…"

"But Mrs Connors," he began, in somewhat confused tones, "she said…"
And he went on to relate how - his wife not having heard of Reiki before - Mrs Connors had very briefly explained to her what it was all about.

"Ah!" I said, "now I understand! "

I think you'll probably find that what Mrs Connors actually told your wife was that:

"Reiki works on souls, and heals…"

On chasing after repeat Reiki-attunements...


Usui Sensei is having a meal with a new Deshi (student)

DESHI: Sensei, can you please pass me the bowl of Tofu

SENSEI: You've got the bowl of Tofu in your hand

DESHI: Sensei, can you please pass me the bowl of Tofu

SENSEI (with Infinite Patience & Compassion):
You've got the bowl of Tofu in your hand.

DESHI: Sensei, can you please pass me the bowl of Tofu

SENSEI: How can I give you what you've already got?

DESHI: (uncertain of himself) But Sensei, I can't FEEL the bowl of Tofu

SENSEI: Relax, still your mind, trust in the Tofu - eat...

(Bad) Reiki-Joke Healing ™

So, a Reiki Master goes into a bar, and across the crowded room he sees one of his students: Raymond, talking to the bartender (and drinking a TOTALLY non-alcoholic drink of course!). Raymond acknowledges his teacher's presence, and gestures to the empty barstool next to his.
As he walks up to them, the Reiki Master can hear Raymond saying to the Bartender:
"... so I told him, if he kept on eating like that, he was likely to choke ..."
Sitting down beside his student, the Reiki Master - eager to pick up the thread of the conversation - says:
"Choke - who Ray?"

The TRUE origins of Reiki, Honest!

Isn't it always the way - just when you thought you were beginning to get a grip on what you've been assured is the TRUE history of Reiki - some one or some thing comes along and does a whole 'revisionist thing' on you - "no, no it wasn't like that originally, it was like this....

Well, latest news just in from RRRR (our Roving 'Revisionist' Reiki Reporter):

The TRUE Origins of Reiki....

Was it invented in Atlantis?
- Tibet?
- Peru?
- Coney Island maybe?
- Japan
Now that Really Is ridiculous!

When was it developed?
Let me guess:
- 6,000 years ago?
- 3561 years ago?
- Early part of the 20th Century?
Don't be silly!

Reiki was actually invented in the Future - that's right, it hasn't been invented yet - in a couple of millenia from now some seven earlobed alien from the planet Chann-El will invent it and, using the real HSZSN symbol (which looks surprisingly like this: $$$ ), send the whole system back in time

- maybe......??!!?

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