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A great many Reiki-related web sites claim that Usui-sensei's first name was Mikaomi.

A quick search on Google for: “Mikaomi Usui” brings up several thousand such results.

However, Google does helpfully ask: “Did you mean: mikao usui”

- and the answer to this question should categorically be: YES

The claim that Usui-sensei was named Mikaomi, rather than Mikao, is simply one of many Reiki-related myths.

In kanji characters, the name Mikaomi is commonly written:mikaomi.
(mika = Mika,   omi = omi)

The name Mikao is written: mikao.
(mika = Mika,   o = o )

Evidence that Usui-sensei's first name was not Mikaomi, but Mikao, can be found at the Usui family tomb in the Saihoji Temple graveyard in Tokyo.

The name Mikao ( mikao) appears on the side of the Usui Family Tombstone itself, and also on the famous Memorial Stone which stands beside the Tomb.

The name Mikao ( mikao) is also to be found at the end of the Gokai (Reiki Principles), and appears in the Q&A section of the Reiki Ryoho Hikkei ( The handbook of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai).

The reason so many people are under the illusion that Usui-sensei's name was Mikaomi, seems to be down to Frank Ajarva Petter, who, I believe, first presented the misinformation (quite innocently and unintentionally) in his book: Reiki Fire.

This book was published in the late 1990's, at a time when Westerners were desperately grasping at any new snippets of information coming out of Japan concerning Reiki, and so, thanks to the internet, the 'Mikaomi' myth spread like wildfire.

Frank did attempt (though, in my opinion, not very 'energetically') to set the record straight in another of his  books: Reiki: The Legacy of Dr. Usui, where he states:

“...The false information came not only from outside Japan. “A Reliable source” also assured me that Dr. Usui's first name was pronounced Mikaomi and not Mikao. Theoretically, both are possible since the Chinese kanji often permit more than one pronunciation. However, it proved to be wrong in this case...”


I am unaware if Frank has made any further attempts to rectify this misinformation in any of his later books.

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