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reiki ryoho hikkei
Reiki Ryoho Hikkei



The 'Hikkei - that is: the Reiki Ryoho Hikkei (Reiki Treatment Companion) is a 68 page manual, said to be given to Level 1 (Shoden) students of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.

The 'Hikkei is comprised of: an introductory explanation & a Reiki Q & A section
(- supposedly in Usui Sensei's own words), a healing guide (Ryoho Shishin), & Gyosei - waka poetry penned by the Emperor Meiji.

We are told that the 'Hikkei' was compiled in the 1970's by Kimiko Koyama, sixth kaicho (president / chairman) of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.

What follows is a translation of the Q & A section.

"Why I make these teachings public"
- an explanation by the founder Mikao Usui
[English Version, Copyright © 2004/5 James Deacon]

Its an old tradition that if someone discovers a secret art, they keep it within the family to secure a future for their heirs and descendants. It is not shared with others.
But this is an old-fashioned custom from the old century. In this modern era human happiness is based on living and working together and a desire for social development. For this reason, I wont allow it to just be kept within the family.
Our method is something completely original, there is nothing like it in the whole world. Therefore, I want to share it with the public for the benefit of all humanity. Everyone has the potential to receive the spiritual gift, uniting body and soul, a divine blessing.
Our method is an original one, based on the spiritual power of the universe. By this power, first a person becomes healthy, then the mind becomes calm and life becomes more joyous.
Nowadays, we need to restructure and improve our lives within and without, that we may free our fellow beings from emotional and physical suffering.

This is why I make these teachings public.

What is Usui Reiki Ryoho?

Gratefully we have received the Meiji Emperor's precepts.
That humanity may discover its proper path, we must live according to these precepts.
We must learn to improve body and heart-spirit [kokoro]. First we heal the heart-spirit, then we make the body healthy. When the heart-spirit finds the healthy, righteous path, the body will automatically become healthy. Thus heart-spirit and body are in harmony and our life is joyous and peaceful. We heal of ourselves and others and deepen the happiness of ourselves and others. This is the aim of Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Is Usui Reiki Ryoho like hypnosis,
kiai jutsu treatment*, shinko ryoho (religious healing) or similar, just under a different name?
[* Using the voice to express and direct concentrated ki]

No, no. There is no similarity to any of these methods. After many years of rigorous spiritual discipline, I discovered a spiritual secret: a method of freeing the body and soul [rei].

Is it a spiritual healing method [shinrei ryoho

Yes, you could call it that. But it is also a physical healing method as ki and light radiate from the body of the practitioner - particularly from their hands, eyes and mouth. So if they focus the eyes, breathe on, or stroke the affected area, pain such as toothache, headache, neuralgia, colic, stomach-ache, cuts, bruises, burns, etc. will be gone. However, chronic disorders are not that easy to treat - they take time. But even one treatment will bring signs of improvement. How can medical science explain this phenomenon? Well, the reality is more impressive than fiction. If you observed the results for yourself you would agree. Even those who don't want to believe cannot ignore the results.

Is belief in Usui Reiki Ryoho necessary for healing to be effective?

No, it isn't a psychological method like psychotherapy or hypnosis. As it is not based on suggestion, faith and acquiescence are not required. It doesn't matter if a person doubts or flatly refuses to believe in it. For example, it works just as well with small children and those who are seriously ill and unconscious. Perhaps one in ten has faith in our method before treatment, but after that first treatment most people feel the benefits and then their faith develops.

What can be cured by Usui Reiki Ryoho?

All disorders, whether psychological or organic in origin can be treated by this method.

Does Usui Reiki Ryoho only heal physical illnesses/diseases?

No, it not only heals physical problems - it can also heal bad habits and psychological disorders such as despair, weakness (of character), timidity, indecisiveness and nervousness. Through this method the heart-spirit identifies with the divine nature and we desire to heal others. This is how we achieve happiness.

How does Usui Reiki Ryoho work?

I did not receive this method from anyone else. Nor did I train or study to develop supernatural powers. While fasting, I had a mystical experience - I felt an intense energy - and with it, the realization that I had received the spiritual gift of healing.
So, even though I am the founder of this method, I find it hard to explain it clearly. Physicians and scholars have been researching such phenomena, but as yet, it has been difficult to reach a scientific explanation. One day, there will be a scientific explanation.

Does Usui Reiki Ryoho use medicines and are there any side effects?

It does not use medicines or medical equipment. Only focussing the eyes, blowing, laying on of hands, tapping, and stroking. This is how it heals.

In order to use Usui Reiki Ryoho does one need medical knowledge?

Our method is a spiritual one, it transcends medical science - it is not based on it. The desired effect is achieved by focussing with the eyes, blowing on, touching or stroking the affected area. For example, for brain problems, give treatment to the head; for stomach problems, the stomach; for eye disorders, treat the eyes. There is no need for bitter medicines or burning moxa treatments, yet within a short time you will be returned to health. This is why our spiritual method [reiho] is quite original.

What do well-known medical practitioners think about it?

The well-known medical practitioners seem fair in their assessments.
Nowadays, western-style physicians are very critical of over-prescription of medicines.
Dr Sen Nagai from Teikoku Medical University said: "As physicians, we know how to diagnose, record and understand illness, but we don't really know how to treat it".
DR Kondo said:"It is arrogant to claim that medical science has made great progress, as it fails to address the psychological/spiritual aspect of the patient. This is its biggest shortcoming."
DR Hara said:"It is wrong to treat humans, possessing spiritual wisdom, like animals. It is my belief that in the future we can expect a great transformation in the therapeutic field."
DR Kuga said:"The fact is that therapists who are not trained physicians have achieved higher levels of success than medical doctors because their therapies take into account the character and personal symptoms of the patient and utilize many different methods of treatment. It would be very narrow-minded for the medical establishment to blindly reject these therapists or attempt to impede their practice." (from the medical journal: 'Japanese Medical News')

Doctors and pharmacists often recognize this fact and come to receive training (in our method).

What does the government think?

On February 6th 1922, Parliamentary Representative Teiji Matsushita, asked the Budget Committee about the government's position on therapists practicing spiritual and psycho-therapy without a medical practitioner's licence.

Mr Ushio, a Committee member replied "Little more than a decade ago hypnosis and similar practices were considered demonic, but nowadays, after proper research these practices are effectively used to treat psychiatric patients. It is difficult to try to solve all human problems with medical science. Physicians adhere to scientific medical practices in order to treat disease. The Medical Faculty does not consider touch therapy or electro-therapy to be medical practices."

This is why our method is subject to neither those regulations governing medical practitioners, nor those governing acupuncture or moxa heat therapy.

Surely such healing abilities only come to those who are spiritually evolved, rather than through training?

No, not so. Every living, breathing being possesses the spiritual ability to heal. This is true of plants, animals, fish and insects, but it is humans - the culmination of creation - who possess the greatest power.
Our method is a practical manifestation of this power.

Can anyone receive initiation into Usui Reiki Ryoho?

Of course. Men and women, old or young, educated and uneducated - anyone with natural (moral?) sense can certainly receive the ability in a short time to treat themselves and others.
I have taught more than a thousand people and not one has failed to have the desired result. Even those who have only learned shoden have gained the ability to treat illnesses.
Thinking about it it seems strange that we can gain the ability to heal in such a short time - something so difficult for people to do. But this is the thing about our spiritual method - that we can learn to do something so difficult in a simple way.

So, I can heal other people with it, but can I also heal myself?

If we can't heal our own disorders, how could we heal others?

How can I receive the second degree (Okuden) - what does it involve?

Okuden consists of several methods - hatsu rei ho; patting, stroking and pressing hands; distance treatment; healing of habits/propensities; etc.
We will give okuden to enthusiastic shoden students who bring good results, are of good character, and behave properly.

Is there still more beyond Okuden?

Yes, there is Shinpiden level. [pron: 'shim-pe-den']

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