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[Updated 12 May 2015]

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Transcript of Chujiro Hayashi's Farewell Speech
- February 1938
[Copyright 2015 James Deacon]


Chujiro Hayashi and his daughter, Kiyoe, had arrived in Honolulu on the M. S. 'Chichibu Maru' on Saturday, 2nd October, 1937.

While initially they had not intended to stay quite as long, they ended up staying in the Hawaiian Islands for just less than five months - eventually setting sail once more for Japan on February 22nd, aboard the
'Tatsuta Maru.'

Hayashi-sensei's visit to Hawaii was not a private one. In fact it had been well publicised, even prior to his arrival; and the primary purpose of his visit was made very clear from the outset: he was coming to Hawaii to promote the art of Reiki Ryoho.

And during his time in Hawaii, this is precisely what Chujiro Hayashi did.

He and Hawayo Takata presented a series of lectures
and demonstrations promoting the art of Reiki Healing; and in addition to Hayashi-sensei introducing Hawayo Takata as the 'go to' master for the Hawaiian Islands (and, for that matter the entire USA), the two also conducted a significant number of very well-received Reiki training courses.

In her book: "Living Reiki: Takata's Teachings"
1,  Fran Brown recounts how, prior to the Hayashis leaving Hawaii, a large banquet - attended by the many friends he had made during his stay - was arranged, at a tea house, in Chujiro Hayashi's honour.

At this banquet: "He was asked to speak to them and he took the opportunity to describe all the good things he had found there and the good people he had met..."

"...The next day, Dr. Hayashi and the hotel manager went to the radio station and made the announcement on radio that 'Takata is the Reiki master for this area  ..."

Although Fran does not mention it by name in her book, we know that the radio station in question was the Honolulu station: KGMB

The announcement was broadcast on Sunday morning, 20th February,1938.

The following transcript of that announcement was printed in the Hawaii Hochi newspaper on the day of the Hayashis departure: Tuesday, 22nd  February 1938:

Chujiro Hayashi's Farewell Speech

An English Translation
with additional notes
[Copyright 2015 James Deacon]


- Mr Hayashi's Farewell Broadcast.

The following is the farewell address of Usui Reiki Ryoho's Mr Hayashi's, prior to returning home,
broadcast on Sunday morning on KGMB

As introduced, I am Usui Reiki Ryoho's Chujiro Hayashi. I have been staying in this city since last October and I am returning to my country on the 22nd on the Tatsuta Maru, so I would like to say a few parting words.

Reiki Ryoho works by means of a force2 called Reiki which flows naturally from the human body. It requires no equipment nor difficult training, and works to cure disease and heal the disposition, not only for yourself of course, but also for others.

All that is required is attending a training course for five or six days, three hours a day, and those who attend are amazed that the effects are noticeable from the outset.

Anyone, from about the age of twelve or thirteen, male or female without distinction, can do it easily.

Already there are three hundred and fifty members in the Hawaiian Islands. Among them people who do not speak Japanese: Caucasians, Hawaiians and Chinese, but all have understood and are pleased to be able to heal a variety of diseases.

It is truly regrettable that I was not able to share the pleasure with Hawaii Island3 and Maui Island.

There are about five thousand members in Japan, but there are only thirteen I have recommended who are acknowledged as being qualified to perform initiation for this therapy. This city's Mrs Takata is one of them. Mrs Takata is the only teacher throughout Hawaii and the USA. There is no other.

Anyone who wants to receive initiation, or who is suffering from illness, please consult Mrs Takata or the treatments manager, Mr Bunki Aoyama, at the Nuuanu Street Globe Hotel.

Mrs Takata is a second-generation, Kauai-born resident. In the winter three years ago4 she came to my clinic in Tokyo and diligently trained in this method for approximately half a year5.

In July6 two years ago she returned to Kauai and began treating and initiating7. The membership numbered more than fifty people.

Suddenly, in July last year, she visited my home and encouraged me to travel to see Hawaii. I landed in Honolulu with my daughter on the 2nd of October. On the 4th we took the ferry to Kauai where I met the members there, and I would like to thank them for their warm and friendly reception.

We returned to this city late in October, and in response to the wishes of interested people we have held fourteen training courses8. Each time there were a large number of enrollees. Everyone understood well. They easily healed themselves and their relatives of illness and are grateful for the blessings of good health.

I have stayed unexpectedly long in this city and many people hoping to train with me are waiting in Japan, so the day after tomorrow, the 22nd, I will leave this memorable place and return home.

During my visit, I have been really happy to have received a very warm welcome from all the new members and at no time on this trip have I ever felt lonely. The five long months have passed as if they were just one day. I thank everyone deeply for their sincerity and affection. It has been a pleasure. We will never forget it.

To end this address I would like to wish everyone health and happiness.
Farewell everyone .... Goodbye.



1 [Fran Brown was the seventh Reiki Master initiated by Takata-sensei] For many years, Fran's book was the only source - commonly available to the wider Reiki Community - which provided details of the Hayashis visit to Hawaii.

2 It is perhaps worth emphasizing that the word used here in the original Japanese newspaper article is: 'Ryoku' (also pronounced: Chikara)  - it speaks more of  'force' or 'power' rather than, as some might expect: 'energy'.

3 The island commonly referred to as. 'Big Island'

A surviving shipping Manifest shows that Hawayo Takata (accompanied by her daughter Alice) had originally set sail from Honolulu to Yokohama, aboard the Asama Maru on the 8th October 1935.

5 On page 28 of Fran  Brown's book: "Living Reiki: Takata's Teachings" she tells how "... Takata was given permission to learn Reiki... after extracting from her the promise to stay in Japan and work in the Reiki clinic every day for one year."  There is also a reference to a one year internship on p30 of the book.

6  Records show that Hawayo Takata actually departed Yokohama on the Taiyo Maru on 2nd June 1936.

 In Fran's book, on the same page as the reference to the radio broadcast she states how, before leaving Japan to come to Hawaii, Hayashi-sensei had initiated both his wife and Takata-sensei as Reiki Masters.
It has widely been assumed that this meant the initiations took place at some time just before Hayashi-sensei's visit - i.e.during Takata-sensei's
1937 trip to Japan mentioned in this article. However, Hayashi-sensei clearly states that in 1936, Takata-sensei had returned to Kauai to treat and initiate. (He actually uses the term many Reiki folk are familiar with: 'denju'')
This would strongly suggest that Takata-sensei's own initiation as a Master had to have taken place prior to her returning to Hawaii after completing her internship at the Hayashi clinic, in 1936.

[In fact, several of the time-periods and dates given by Fran in her book ( - and also, shared personally by her in subsequent years) are at odds with those evidenced not just in this transcript, but also in other historical records which have come to light.
Now  - accepting the probability that it is the information in Fran's book which is inaccurate, whether it was due to Takata-sensei mis-remembering, or Fran mis-hearing, or Fran mis-remembering what Takata-sensei had said, when she came to write the book years later, we will probably never know. ]

8 As Hayashi-sensei states that Takata-sensei's student membership had numbered more than 50 people (at some time prior to her visiting him in Japan in July 1937), and earlier in his address mentioned how: "Already there are three hundred and fifty members in the Hawaiian Islands"  it would seem to suggest that all together, almost 300 hundred people received Reiki initiation as a result of the fourteen training courses they held.

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