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('Contemporary Reiki Method')

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As its name suggests, Gendai Reiki Ho is a modern system of Reiki.

Created by Hiroshi Doi, who tells us that he is a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, and studied with the former Gakkai chairperson, Mrs. Kimiko Koyama, Gendai Reiki blends western Reiki with what Doi claims to be the teachings and methods used by the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai - as well as concepts and practices from other therapeutic modalities.

Doi, an avid 'collector' of therapy systems [having studied: Shinmeikan Healing, Seiki-ho, The Silva Mind Control Method, Genkyoku Kiko, Dokiho, Crystal Healing, Hypnotic Kiko, Osteopathy, Energy Balancing, Nishino Breathing, Astral Healing, SAS Shinkiko, Kihodo Healing, the Natural Vibration technique, Balance Therapy, Multi-dimensional Body Work and others] had originally learnt the first, modified and augmented, Western style of Reiki to be introduced to Japan, i.e. "Radiance Technique" - as taught by Reiki practitioner Mieko Mitsui.

Hiroshi Doi's school, the Gendai Reiki Healing Association, teaches four levels of Reiki: Shoden (Beginners Level), Okuden (Inner Teaching) Shinpiden (Mystery Teaching) and Gokui Kaiden (Highest Level).

Shoden level training includes: an introduction to Reiki; the History of Reiki; three attunements, Reiju; basic healing techniques for people, other animals & plants; aura-purifying technique; energy purification; energy pouring method; self-growth methods; 'Reiki Shower' technique; Chakra Kassei Kokyu-ho [chakra activation]: and 'traditional' Japanese techniques (including: Renzoku Reiki ['Reiki Marathon'], Kenyoku-ho [dry bathing], Gassho Kokyu-ho ['Gassho Breathing Method'], Hikari no Kokyu-ho [Breath of Light] and Nentatsu-ho ['thought-transmission' via the hands] )

Okuden level training includes: increasing the power and versatility of your Reiki; the first 3 symbols, their significance and use; Kotodama; three attunements; distant healing; healing the past & future; western Reiki techniques; grounding techniques; the 'reiki box'; self-purifying & self-growth techniques; a 'deprogramming' technique; Heso Chiryo-ho [energy balancing]; Saibo Kasseika [cell activating technique]; Gendai Reikishiki Hatsurei-ho [Gendai version of Usui Hatsurei-ho]; and traditional Japanese techniques (including:Tanden Chiryo-ho / Gedoku-ho [body detox.], Koki-ho [ healing breath], Gyoshi-ho [healing look], and Seiheki Chiryo-ho ['thought-transmission' via the hands] )

Shinpiden level training includes: the Master symbol, its significance and use; self-purifying & self-growth techniques; affirmation techniques; three attunements; the 'Reiki Wave' and spiritual growth; the Spirit of Usui Reiki; Reiki meditation; using - and transcending symbols; self-purification with light; making contact with your higher self / 'guides' / higher beings; recognising the Essence of Reiki Healing; Sekizui Joka Ibuki-ho [spinal cord cleansing], Hado Kokyu-ho [Vibration-raising breath]; and traditional Japanese techniques -(including: Uchite Chiryo-ho [patting / palpating], Nadete Chiryo-ho [stroking], Oshite Chiryo-ho [pressing with fingertips], Ketsueki Kokan-ho ['Finishing' or 'Smoothing' technique], Hanshin Koketsu-ho ['Half-body Blood-purifiying Method'], Zenshin Koketsu-ho [Full-body Treatment Method]

Gokui Kaiden
Gokui Kaiden means 'highest level', i.e. Master Level. Gendai Reiki Ho uses the term Shihan for its Masters.

Gokui Kaiden level training includes: Reiki Master Principles: the role of the master; training policy; understanding what healing is; understanding attunement and symbols; the Spirit of Reiki-ho; teachings of Usui-Sensei; how to give attunements & Reiju*: method, mental attitude and preparation; the characteristics of each level and particulars to teach; and traditional Japanese techniques (including: Byosen Reikan-ho [sensing energy fluctuations], Tanden Chiryo-ho [body detox.] Ketsueki Kokan-ho ['Finishing' or 'Smoothing' technique], and Reiji ['intuitive' guidance in hand placement] )

* It must be pointed out that this particular version of reiju is Doi's own creation - his attempt to replicate the experience of receiving the reiju empowerment as used by the Gakkai (something that Doi, not being a Gakai master, has not learnt how to perform)


[Addendum, July 2008]

On the issue of Hiroshi Doi's training...

Doi trained to level 2 in the modern, western 'Radiance Technique' style of Reiki with Mieko Mitsui [a student of Barbara Ray] some time around 1991?.

Later, he did all three levels of another modern, western, Reiki style: Osho Neo Reiki [a Takata-lineage style: modified by Himani a follower of 'Osho' (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) ]

Doi also claimed that from 93(?) - 99 he received Shoden and some Okuden level training from Kimiko Koyama (who was, according to Doi, Gakkai President at the time)

Later, when, he had begun teaching Gendai, and 'sharing' Gakkai techniques and practices, Doi was asked for clarification about the level of Usui Reiki Ryoho training he had received.
[Presumably someone had wondered: if he had not even completed level 2 in a very formal disciplined organisation as he himself claimed the Gakkai was, how was it that he supposedly knew so much about higher levels of Gakkai teaching?]
It was then that Doi apparently 'remembered' having received complete training in a simplified form of Usui Reiki Ryoho back in the early 1980's from a Mr Hiroshi Ohta [lineage supposedly: Usui, Taketomi, Sasaki, Ohta]...

However, according to Doi, this system was not actually called Usui Reiki Ryoho.
It was simply called Te-ate* - a general term for all kinds of hands-on healing in Japan.
(*not to be confused with Usui Te-ate as taught by others).

In 2000 Doi received taining from Jikiden Reiki's Chiyoko Yamaguchi; and so he tells us, also began training with Gakkai President Kondo - apparently completing his Okuden level….


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