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Dateline: April 2002 Amazing Discovery!

The Lost Diaries of Mikao Usui found by Reiki Master in Grandma's Attic

For reasons of a contractual nature concerning a number of network TV chatshows and several lucrative publication deals, the Reiki Master in question does not at this time wish her identity to be revealed. So, in the following news item, she will be referred to simply as 'Miss X'.

'Miss X' informs us that in the summer of 2000, on a visit from Delaware, USA, to her grandmother's home in Yokohama, Japan, it was by pure chance that she discovered the lost diaries of Mikao Usui (- founder of the Reiki System of Healing -) while rummaging in the attic for family photographs.

After a lengthy discussion between her agent and our financial department, 'Miss X' told our reporter:
"The diaries ('Miss X' will not say exactly how many there are at this time) - wrapped in a newspaper dated 1923 - were hidden in a niche beside a small skylight window in the attic, where, judging from the amount of dust and cobwebs, they had obviously rested undisturbed for almost 80 years".

'Miss X' (who admits that she cannot read Japanese - neither the modern form, nor the older style Kanji in which the diaries are apparently written), went on to explain that, immediately upon finding the diaries, she instinctively knew what they were, and she ran to ask her Grandmother about them.

Her Grandma - apparently somewhat confused - denied all knowledge of the diaries or how such documents - which 'Miss X' assures us are in Mikao Usui's own handwriting - could have found their way into her attic - especially seeing how that part of the attic had been completely rebuilt in 1964 after a severe storm had totally destroyed the side of the roof where the skylight is now situated.

However, as 'Miss X' went on to tell our reporter;
"I called on the assistance of a therapist skilled in the uncovering of repressed memories, and as a result, after six weeks of intensive sessions of what (-to use the correct psychotherapeutic terminology -) is referred to as 'prompting and coaching' - Grandma's deep-seated psychological block dissolved completely and she can now fully remember the details of her early life as a student in the very first clinic Usui-Sensei set up before the Russo-Japanese War. The clinic was in Nagano… er, no, I mean.. oh yes that's it Nakano*"

[*Editor's note: The Russo-Japanese War was 1904/5 at which time Miss X's Grandmother, by our calculations, would have been only 3 years old. Also, it is known that Mikao Usui's clinic in Nakano opened in 1924, having previously been located at Aoyama, Tokyo.]

'Miss X' explained that the Diaries are currently being translated into English by a fellow Reiki Master (- for contractual reasons we will call her 'Miss Y' -) who has a basic understanding of written Japanese.
"… she can read the menu in the sushi bar and everything!" 'Miss X' assured our reporter, "Of course," she continued, "the important thing is that we get across the 'feel' of what Usui-Sensei wrote - more than going for a literal translation - so if there are any problems in making sense of sections of the text - even the occasional complete volume - well I'm sure we'll still manage to get the essential flavour across - I mean we're both very intuitive - so we'll no doubt be able to instinctively know what Usui-Sensei would have wanted to say - I mean - it's not like we'd be 'putting words in Usui-Sensei's mouth' or anything - or making things up, y'know."

'Miss X' states that she intends to publish the 'Lost Diaries of Mikao Usui' as an open-ended series of volumes - the first of which, 320 pages in length, will contain the translation of the first five pages of the first diary, along with the detailed story of 'Miss X's rediscovery of the documents, a scattering of non-specific reminiscences about the 'Early Days of Reiki' by her Grandmother, and will be heavily illustrated with line drawings of hitherto unknown treatment hand-positions, and numerous sepia photographs of people, whom 'Miss X' assures us, knew Mikao Usui when he was Personal Secretary to Emperor Hirohito.

[Editor's Note: That is the same Hirohito who, interestingly enough did not become Emperor until after Mikao Usui's death in 1926.]

As a special promotional feature for our readers: pre-order your copy of "Lost Diaries of Mikao Usui - Volume 1" today and you will also receive an exact replica of that fabled '21st stone' that Mikao Usui threw away only moments before his momentous experience in which he received the Reiki ability!

As you will read in the intro to "Lost Diaries of Mikao Usui - Volume 1" at the very moment Mikao Usui threw the stone away, an American Naval Officer, (who was visiting Kyoto on a diplomatic mission, and had taken some time out of his busy schedule to go on a sightseeing trip to Mount Kurama,) happened to be walking past the spot where the somewhat emaciated Usui sat, and as the stone landed on the path in front of him, he picked it up.
He had apparently called out "Hey Bud, watch it, that nearly hit me!" but seeing that Mikao Usui was busy meditating, and realising he hadn't intended any harm, the (unnamed) Naval Officer simply pocketed the stone, before carrying on down the mountain path to visit the next shrine in his guidebook.

[ Editor's Note: the stone is now in the possession of Miss X's uncle ('Mr Z') ]

So take advantage of this special offer today!
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