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We would like to remind all members of the Reiki Community about this exciting new weekly event:

Free Reiki De-Attunements !

Yes, that's right DE-Attunements!


Sick and tired of hearing about free Attunements ?

Wish you had never received those 64,841 different attunements (or should that be 'initiations') into namby-pamby all sickly 'sweetness and lightworker' Reiki TM

Ashamed to say you were initiated into:
"We used to think it was Sai Baba - but now we've discovered it was really some OTHER orange-clad master with a cool-dude Afro haircut"- TerryMyReiki?

Don't know what to do with all those Certificates you got with all those irresistible 'gratis' Reiki Attunements (especially the ones you got when you collected five 'principles' tokens from special packs of Kellogg's corn flakes) - or the ones you made with your children's favourite crayons to validate all those Self-attunements you learnt from that 'Essentially Wicca in a Reiki Frock' book?

Do you remember the good old days before you got sucked into the dark and nefarious cult that is Reiki?

- before you became brainwashed into this "aw diddums - Reiki-weiki kiss it all better - there, there, there" molly-coddled mindset, that says you have to Reiki every little thing that hurts - that every little natural bodily sensation must be Reikied away in case - perish the thought - you might actually feel any of the everyday aches and pains that let you know you're really alive?

Well help is at hand.

With this new, tried and tested (well, sort of) process, you can be De-Attuned in minutes - say good bye to all those irritating and embarrassing attunements

Tell all those 'groundhog-day' type re-attunement junkies (who keep pestering to re-attune them over and over again - just because they know you are a Reiki Master) to go and take a flying chokurei..

Tear up those certificates

- and wear your:

"I am no longer attuned to Reiki - don't come crying to me cos you got a hangover - go bug some Reiki do-gooder who gives a damn" lapel badge with pride

So, come on, what are you waiting for - sign up today!

Just add your name to the free distant De-Attunement list in the database section (of the save-me-from-reiki@yoohoogroupies.con Group site)

- not forgetting to mention which specific Reikis you want to be De-Attuned to (or should that be 'from' - English is my second language after all)

But PLEASE Remember you only need De-Attunement to/from each Reiki style ONCE - the only circumstance in which you will need a Re-De-Attunement is if you are stupid enough to get yourself re-attuned to that style at a later date

We are not here to cater to the insecurities of would-be Reiki De-Attunement junkies who through their own inadequacies feel the need to be De-Attuned on a weekly basis.

And remember, you aren't confined to requesting De-Attunement solely for yourself

- and this is where the FUN starts:

D'you know a Reiki master (or practitioner of any level for that matter) who really annoys you - pretentious, holier-than-thou, egocentric, money-grabbing? (Yes I can see that mental list growing exponentially as you think about it - and take my name off that list IMMEDIATELY!))

Well, just for the hell of it, why not add THEIR name to the free distant De-Attunement list .

Or, pick a Master who really winds you up - but instead of adding THEIR name to the list, add all their students' names and watch the fur fly as the students demand their 'energy exchange' (i.e. attunement fee) back.

Another alternative, (allowing that you haven't undergone the De-Attunement Process yourself) - add someone's name to the list, then in a month or so send them a fresh distant Re-attunement - give it a month, then add them to the list again, and so on....

They'll never figure out why one month the Reiki Flows and the next it doesn't...

These are just a few suggestions - I'm sure that you will come up with many more novel (and I hope devious) applications for the free distant De-Attunement list .

Have Fun!

(Full Singular Reiki De-Attunement on the 7th Sunday in each Month)

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