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A cautionary note concerning the dangers of attempting to send Reiki back into the past

A psychic friend of mine was receiving impressions from the year 1830 from Japan - turned out that an epidemic was wiping out an entire subspecies of 'dung fly' - and, ever the eco-warrior, and friend to all scuttely-crawly and other much-maligned insects (including dung-flies) she asked me if - "being a Reiki Master & stuff" - I would send some healing vibes back in time to at least ensure a few of these threatened creatures would survive and perpetuate the subspecies.

Having heard much about using the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol to send Reiki to the past, I decided to try an experiment, and did as she requested - but still, only one single dung-fly survived the epidemic.

However, that single dung-fly - reinvigourated by the Reiki it had received - flew off and landed on a piece of uncooked meat which was lying uncovered in the kitchen of Mikao Usui's Grandfather's house.

The next day, the meat which was now infected with various strains of unnamed bacteria, was hurriedly (and improperly) cooked and eaten by Mikao Usui's Grandfather. A few hours later he began to feel a little queazy, and decided to cancel his visit to the 'Noh' theatre that evening, and went to bed with a bottle of saki as he thought this might help settle his stomach - and even if it didn't, it was a good excuse to get drunk.

Now, HAD he gone to the theatre that night he would have met the woman he was going to marry - the woman who would become Mikao Usui's Grandmother.

But as it turned out, he never met her - never married at all - never had any children - devoted his entire life to campaging for food hygiene and wandering from town to town the length and breath of Japan educating people to the dangers of leaving uncooked meat where the flies could get it.

Thus, Mikao Usui's father was never born, and of course this meant that Mikao was never born either - and never went on to 'discover' Reiki

- so, when Hayayo Takata went to Japan, Chujiro Hayashi's Reiki clinic didn't exist and she had to settle for regular medical treatment
- which was happily very successful, and she returned to Hawaii to live a full and happy life ( as a Hairdresser).

Now, being a fan of Star Trek TNG and other stuff of that ilk, I am well aware of the problems of the Temporal Paradox, Time Loops and the dreaded Temporal Tsunami...

The problem is - thanks to me saving that dung-fly, Reiki doesn't exist - as you will all discover when the Time Tide catches up with us (any day now) - but, if Reiki doesn't exist - does it mean that I couldn't have sent it back in time to save the dung-fly ?

If so, the dung-fly didn't survive, Mikao's Grandfather wouldn't have gotten ill, would have met and married Mikao's Grandmother, had children, Mikao would have been born, discovered Reiki - Takata-Sensei would have been cured by it and gone on to bring Reiki to the Western World, where I would learn it, send it back in time to save the dung-fly and Mikao's Grandfather wouldn't have married........

Please Please Please - for the sake of your sanity - DO NOT SEND REIKI BACK IN TIME!!

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