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Following on from the general minimalist trends that seem to be fashionable with some Reiki Folk lately, I thought: "why not just take it to the next level - a sort of all-out Zen style Reiki..."

So here it is - another brand new Reiki-style, and the epitome of simplicity:

This style has no symbols, no kotodama mantras, no energy-development exercises, no attunement process & no hand positions.

Also, there are no courses to run, no manuals, no books, videos or related merchandising to worry about.

It doesn't bother with hands-on treatments (for that matter - it doesn't bother with distant treatments either, so 'clients' are also not required) - and most radically, utilises no form of self-treatment whatsoever.

For added convenience, there are no levels or degrees - and as a result, no need for terms such as 'student', 'master', or 'sensei', etc.

I have also removed the 'spiritual development' aspect - (for purely aesthetic purposes, y'know - to streamline it even more) - likewise there are no Principles to worry about; and as a special minimalist bonus - the system does not even include the Reiki energy (or any other form of energy for that matter).

As a final minimalist feature, I've decided not to give the style a special distinguishing name (e.g.: Zen Reiki, Bare Bones Reiki, etc) - actually it isn't called Reiki at all - in fact, as a last-minute stroke of genius - I decided not to give it a name (or number) of any description. (That way I don't need to worry about Trademarking issues).

I'm hoping a great many people will find a special 'resonance' with this new, minimalist, system.

If you think that this new system might be the one for you - that it almost meets your personal requirements, but not quite (- perhaps you feel it still has one or two non-essential elements or 'add-ons) - don't worry.

It's a very flexible system, and if you feel the need to, you can always 'tweak' things here and there in order to get rid of any remaining elements you consider superfluous.

So,be my guest, try the system free-of-charge for a week or so - get the 'feel' of it - then we can talk money...

[Aw, heck! - I just remembered - as part of the minimalist theme, I designed the system with no 'energy exchange'/'financial remuneration' element to it!

Been a bit overzealous here, methinks!]


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