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2011 James Deacon]

Our next guest tonight on the 5-Minute Interview Show is Jack Alphonso from New Jersey.
Mr Alphonso...”

Please, Phil, call me “Al” ( - that's: Jack Al)”

OK, “Al” it is then.
So, Al, it says here you describe yourself as an Energy-healer - and Hitman?    Seriously?”

You got a problem with that?”

No, no, of course not...I... “

No, I should hope not – I come on your show in good faith, it would not be very friendly if right from the get-go you start insulting me, go disrespecting me …”

My apologies. I wouldn't dream of upsetting you; specially not someone in your line of work ...

Tell me, Al - Hitman and Healer -  how do you reconcile the two roles, which, I'm sure you understand, many people would consider, well … conflicting?”

OK. Well Phil, first I feel I gotta point out that the Hitman thing came about out of a need for diversification – when I started out as a healer, there wasn't much competition – plenty of clients to go round. Now, well it seems like there's a healer on every street corner... Man's gotta earn an honest livin'.”

But Hitman …”

Yeah, I know – but there are a lot of similarities between the two roles.”

Really ?”

Example: as a healer, from time to time someone might come to me and engage my services to send healing to a third party – y'know, using distance healing.

So, instead of directly contacting the intended recipient – or as I like to call 'em, the: “healing target” - to check if its OK with them ( - you see, a lot of folks don't wanna know: it might go against their beliefs, or they think its all mumbo-jumbo, or whatever) - so I use the old trick of sending the healing with the intent that if their “Higher Self” decides the intervention is not appropriate – not for the target's “highest good" at that time - then it wont take effect: the energy will be rejected.”

Like a kind of 'fail-safe?' ”

Yeah. That's it, exactly.

In both roles, I see myself as merely a 'channel' – in one case, a channel for healing energy, in the other, for the lead slug (well, everything's energy – right?).

And as a Hitman, just like with the healing – I gotta cover myself – Spiritually, y'know? “

You do?”

Sure I do.

So, when someone contracts me to, as I like to put it: “resolve the Life Issues” of a third party – well, I certainly can't contact the intended recipient of this particular intervention to check with them if its OK now, can I?

Kinda give the game away. In this type of work, you can't go broadcasting your intentions.

So, I always ensure that when I pull the trigger and 'channel' the lead 'energy' (usually, once to the Third Eye and a couple of times to the Heart Chakra) I always do so with the aforementioned intent – that if their “Higher Self” decides the intervention is not appropriate – not for their “highest good” at that time, then it wont take effect: the 'energy' will be rejected.

And y'know Phil, I been doin' this work now for nearly ten years, and in all that time, not once has the lead 'energy' ever been rejected …”

Yes, well...  We'll be right back after these important words from our Sponsors ...”

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