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(Ten-chee Say-key Teh-Atteh)

Heaven & Earth Vital Life Force Therapy
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Tenchi = Heaven & Earth

Seiki = Vital Life Force

Te-Ate = Hand-Treatment/Therapy

Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate is a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Central to the art of Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate is the concept of in-yo, which is about balance - not balance in a static 'levelling-out' sense, rather, a dynamic balance, an interplay between hard and soft, tension and relaxation, inhaling and exhaling, activity and rest, waking and sleeping.

Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate provides us with a set of tools for continuously returning the being to this state of dymamic balance - or flux - a state of 'creative harmony'.

In simplistic terms, these tools take two forms - self-developmental exercises of a physical, meditative and energetic nature - and techniques for performing therapeutic interventions on behalf of others.

While classed as a method of healing, the fundamental approach in Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate is ideally to prevent illness or 'dis-ease' from arising in the first place.

At a deep level, the art is as much about understanding yourself and others as it is about attempting to heal yourself or others.

The art of Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate calls for the cultivation of sensitivity and foresight, and development of a positive attitude based on the practitioner's confidence in their own ability to control their 'personal world', and maintain a state of balance or 'creative harmony' in their interaction with the greater world at large.

A primary consideration for the developing practitioner is the regulating of their life in such a manner that dis-harmony is minimalised - and, by extension, opportunity for dis-ease or illness to manifest is also minimalised.

Great emphasis is therefore placed on the development of Spirit, i.e. Strength of Spirit - a concept in Japanese known as 'Fudoshin' - 'indomitable spirit' or 'warrior heart', and Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate utilises a variety of cognitive and emotional disciplines, as well as a number of what might be considered more 'esoteric' practices, to achieve this development.

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