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The Sacred Shuji Emblem & Shin [Mantra] of:

Wrathful King of Mystic Knowledge

Nomaku sanmanda bazaradan senda makaroshada sowataya un tarata kanman"


The term 'Myo-o' indicates that Fudo is one of the 'Wrathful Kings of Mystic Knowledge'

Fudo Myo-o - 'the Immovable One' is also patron of the Martial Arts, and patron of all practitioners of mountain-centred ascetic mystic disciplines.

The image of Fudo Myo-o is usually portrayed as livid blue in color with a fierce expression - teeth bared and with angry eyes - and sitting on a rock surrounded by flames.

Fudo Myo-o brandishes a sword in his right hand, and holds a rope in his left.

It is said he aids his devotees by defeating the obstacles and devils which hinder their practice of the Dharma, and frees the emotionally tormented from the influence of evil spirits. Fudo Myo-o breaks down doubts and suspicion; and entering into a flame-emitting meditation ('kasho zammai'), he exudes fire and destroys all karmic hindrances.

Fudo Myo-o is known to protect his devotees from disaster, from harmful or dangerous people, and from spells or other negative magic.

His aid is frequently invoked by those suffering from bouts of sickness - not because he is considered to be a healer, but because, due to his fiery yet compassionate warrior nature, he is held to be an effective force to combat both the impurities and demons that are the cause of illness.

Fudo Myo-o's help is also sought by those wishing to succeed in business.


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