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Shuji of the
jusan butsu:
'13 Buddhas'
of Shingon.
5 Nyorai,
7 Bosatsu
& 1 Myo-o]

Dainichi Nyorai
Amida Nyorai
Yakushi Nyorai
Shaka Nyorai
Ashuka Nyorai
Monju Bosatsu Fugen Bosatsu
Jizo Bosatsu
Miroku Bosatsu
Kannon Bosatsu Seishi Bosatsu
Kokuzo Bosatsu
Fudo Myo-o





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.... ...... Terms:

'Butsu': a Buddha
'Nyorai': a Buddha (in esoteric tradition)





'Daison Myo-o':

a Wrathful King of Mystic Knowledge.
represents the power of the Butsu/Nyorai to vanquish blind craving
Myo-o are masters of the power of mystical spells - jumon /shingon (mantras).
Myo-o protect adherents of the Dharma from all harm and evil influences. They are wrathful (funnu) & terrifying in appearance, yet they embody the indomitable power of compassion which breaks down all obstacles to wisdom and liberation.

"great and venerable kings of magic knowledge"

'Godai Myo-o'
The Five Great Wrathful Kings of Mystic Knowledge - a group of five Myo-o, headed by Fudo myo-o, and seen to be the emanations of the Buddhas
[There is also a group comprised of eight Myo-o who are seen to be the eminations of Bosatsu]
'Ni-o': the Two Kings - a dual form of Dainichi Nyorai
The Ni-o - are sometimes identified with Fudo Myo-o and Aizen Myo-o
'Ten': the gods of the 'twelve directions'

the four heavenly kings:
each of which isresponsible for one of the four cardinal directions.
Each tenno leads an army of supernatural creatures who help them protect the Dharma, and keep demons at bay

'Bosatsu': a Bodhisatva - one who has realized enlightenment - but who, rather than enter into the supreme state of nirvana, holds back until all beings are saved from suffering.

Amida Butsu

Buddha of Infinite Light & Life, and Lord of the Pure Land of the Western Paradise, Amida is the central deity in the Jodoshu (Pure Land) & Jodo Shinsu ( True Pure Land) Schools.
Amida possesses infinite wisdom and a compassionate heart. He relieves the suffering of the distressed. One of the primary vows of Amida Nyorai is that he will never abandon even those who have committed serious transgressions. All may achieve spiritual peace of mind and salvation by relying on his power
Also known to provide comfortable long life.

Ashuku Nyorai

chief Buddha of the heavenly realm known as the Land of Extreme Bliss.
Ashuku imbues his devotees immovable, unshakable faith & the aspiration for the realization of buddhahood

Dainichi Nyorai

The Great Shining Cosmic Buddha - central to Shingon, Dainichi Nyorai is the life force of the buddhas that illuminates all things - the universal truth which dissolves away all troubles and rescues us from uncertainty

Shaka Nyorai / Shakyamuni Butsu

The historical Buddha who lived in India about 2,500 years ago, who is, at the same time considered to be the Original Eternal Buddha (hombutsu) who is unborn and undying and is the source of all other manifestations of buddhahood

Taho Nyorai the 'Many Treasures' Buddha. Taho personifies objective reality, and represents all the buddhas of the past
Yakushi Nyorai

'The master of remedies', Yakushi, the nyorai of Healing, brings comfort by curing illness - both mental and physical.
With his right hand Yakushi forms the 'wish-granting' mudra. In his left hand he holds a medicine jar of pure emerald, the radiance from which cures illness of body and mind - hence his other name: Yakushi Ruriko Nyorai, the nyorai of Emerald Radiance.

Aizen Myo-o Aizen Myo-o represents the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space, as well as the Womb World Mandala, and objective truth.
The two myo-o Aizen & Fudo are sometimes identified with the Ni-o, the 'Two Kings', and as such are seen as a dual manifestation of Dainichi Nyorai.
Aizen Myo-o is often invoked in connection withissues of romantic and or sexual love
Fudo Myo-o
Joju Kongo

AKA Joju Kongo, 'the eternal and immutable diamond', Fudo Myo-o, the destroyer of the passions, represents the element of spirit or mind, the Diamond World Mandala, and subjective wisdom.
In his right hand, Fudo holds a sword which aids him to combat the 'three poisons': greed, anger and ignorance. He holds a rope with which to bind the evil forces and to prevent them from causing harm

Dai Bishamon Tenno
also: Bishamon Ten,
or Tamon-ten

Heavenly King: guardian of the north, & chief of the four Heavenly Kings
Dai Jikoku Tenno Heavenly King: guardian of the east; he presides over the spring season.
Dai Komoko Tenno Heavenly King: guardian of the west; he presides over the autumn season
Dai Zocho Tenno Heavenly King: guardian of the south; he presides over the summer season
Anryugyo Bosatsu
'Steadily-Established Practice'
one of the four bosatsu of the earth - original disciples of the Original Buddha - incomparably greater in power & stature than even the celestial bosatsu
- represents the bliss of Nirvana - liberation from suffering.
Fugen Bosatsu

Fugen represents all of the vows made by the Buddha and is a protector of those who teach the Dharma.
Fuken Bosatsu is said to provide his worshipperd with longevity, and take away their pain and suffering

Jizo Bosatsu

In his right hand Jizo Bosatsu holds a six-ringed shakujo stick which he shakes to awaken us from our deluded dreams. He holds a jewel in his left hand, signifying his power to bestow treasures and wealth on all beings.
Protective amulets of Jizo Bosatsu Bodhisattva lend power to the weak, those who find themselves in dangerous situations, or who are in desolate places.
Jizo, is conceived of as a helper of the souls of deceased children, and is venerated as a savior of those suffering in the various Buddhist hells

Jogyo Bosatsu
- one of the four bosatsu of the earth.
Jogyo represents the true self -the selflessness of Nirvana
Jyogyo Bosatsu
- one of the four bosatsu of the earth.
Jyogyo represents freedom from all that is impure

Kanzeon Bosatsu
Kannon Bosatsu
Kanjizai Bosatsu

'He who perceives the sounds of the World', Kanzeon Bosatsu made a vow to listen grant salvation to the suffering and the afflicted, and dispel the evil and calamities that surround us.
Kanzeon can manifest in any of thirty-three forms, the most common of these being:

  • Sho Kanzeon - the Sacred Kanzeon
  • Juichimen Kanzeon - the Eleven Faced Kanzeon
  • Senju (Sengan) Kanzeon - the Thousand Armed (& Thousand Eyed) Kanzeon
  • Nyoirin Kanzeon - the Wish Fulfilling Kanzeon
  • Bato Kanzeon - the Horse Headed Kanzeon
  • Fukukenjaku Kanzeon - with rope and net
  • Juntei Kanzeon - the multi-armed (usually eighteen armed) Kanzeon
Kokuzo Bosatsu

Kokuzo Bosatsu holds a wish-granting gem (nyoihoshu) representing joy and virtue, through which he bestows worldly blessings including happiness, wisdom and good fortune on all beings. In his right hand he carries a sharp sword which represents wisdom. provides of virtue from his unlimited sources.
It is said that, in his youth, the founder of Shingon Buddhism - Kobo Daishi
recited the mantra of Kokuzo one million times, and practiced the Kokuzo Gumonji-ho “The Morning Star meditation" - an esoteric discipline undertaken by devotees in order that Kokuzo will grant them increased intelligence.

Miroku Bosatsu
Jishi Bosatsu

Miroku Bosatsu is the buddha of the future: Maitreya, who currently resides in the heavenly realm of Tushita

Monju(shiri) Bosatsu chief of the bodhisattvas, represents the wisdom of Buddha. Monju is especially associated with the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras.
Monju blesses people with spiritual awakening and frees us from doubt.

Monju is often called on by those sitting entrance exams, or seeking to achieve a better level of performance/grades in education.
Muhengyo Bosatsu
- one of the four bosatsu of the earth
represents eternity -the unborn and undying nature of Nirvana
Seishi Bosatsu
Daiseishi Bosatsu

Seishi Bosatsu vigourously seeks to awaken the Buddha nature/wisdom inherent in all beings and encourage them to grow towards enlightenment.
He possesses supreme power to steer people away from 'dark' paths.
Seishi also brings positive changes in luck, and his assistance is sought by those desiring to a chieve better levels of performance in training

Yakuo Bosatsu
the 'Medicine King'
- represents the healing power of the Buddha.
Brother to Yakujo Bosatsu
It is said that, in the future, Yakuo will attain enlightenment/buddhahood and be known as Jogen (Pure Eye) Bosatsu
Yakujo Bosatsu
the 'Medicine Superior'
It is said that, in the future, Yakujo will attain enlightenment/buddhahood and be known as Jozo (Pure Treasury) Bosatsu


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