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An Alternative Reiju Process
Copyright © 2008 James Deacon

The following reiju process may possibly be familiar to some folk trained in certain styles of Japanese Reiki...

[Of course, this is merely a description of the physical 'form' of the process - the inner aspect: the energetic/spiritual component of sharing reiju with a student, cannot be learnt from a written description.]



Some people, it seems, mistakenly believe that the knowledge of how to perform the reiju procedure (or, for that matter, the western Reiki initiation/attunement procedure) must be kept secret

- that if the procedures become common knowledge, then anyone (even non-Reiki people), by learning how to perform them, will gain the 'power' to awaken the Reiki ability in others.

But this is not the case.

"One cannot give what one does not have."

The reiju and initiation/attunement procedures are methods for sharing the Gift that is the Reiki ability.

If you haven't 'received' the Reiki ability yourself, you cannot 'pass' it to another - cannot awaken the ability in another - no matter how much you, as a Japanese friend of mine puts it: "wave your hands about, visualize shirushi, chant jumon, or 'intend' it to happen."

"(.... .......) Reiki Reiju Ho Instructions"
[English translation of original Japanese text]
Translation Copyright © 2008 James Deacon

1, Stand behind the recipient who is sitting in seiza, with their hands in gassho. Place your palm directly above their crown and draw the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol twice and the Un* (Cloud) symbol twice in the air. It should be the Chokurei from Western Reiki. The Un symbol using a clockwise spiral is incorrect. The correct way is a left [i.e, anti-clockwise] spiral. That is, it should be like the Chokurei from Western Reiki. Also, do not recite / chant the mantra, draw the symbol in silence. Place your right hand on top of the recipient's head, with your left over it, and then focus on taking/applying one deep breath**.

2, Move in front of the recipient and draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen twice between the eyebrows, then draw the Un symbol twice, Concentrate. Next, blow a breath between the eyebrows. 'Raise the hand' respectfully***

3, While their hands are in gassho, grasp the recipient's fingertips with your right hand and place your left under their wrists. Moving your right hand, while holding the recipient's fingertips, draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen twice, then draw the Un symbol once. Then slide your right hand upwards, letting go of their fingertips.

That's it! Its really simple! It takes about 2-3 minutes to do. If you think about it (even if you don't) this is the same method used when doing healing.

Even though this was done in seiza, you could also do it sitting on a chair, or lying down, face up. Try it.


* Un or Zui-un is another name for CKR

** This instruction seems to be referring to the process of 'sealing with the breath'

*** [Te wo ka za shi masu] I believe that this is referring to the gesture, sometimes called tekazashi ( "raising the hand") - used in several practices including Johrei and Mahikari when giving healing: i.e. raise the hand in front of / over the person in a gesture of healing / blessing.


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"Pay it Forward"


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