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It is a little known-fact that Hawayo Takata taught first degree Reiki classes in Japan in 1975.

What follows is an extract from a recording of a talk given by Takata-sensei at the Trinity Metaphysical Center, in Redwood, California in 1976:

"I took Reiki out of Japan.
Last year I went back and I gave them the first degree, and they are just crying for the second degree this year, so I am going back again.
Next year, I shall go back to Japan and create ten Teachers.
And this is the way I'm going to return Reiki, back to Japan.
There will be Reiki Centres in Japan, and Masters there, and they will take care of all the necessity and they will have many, many Reiki students; and so, I do not have to go again.
And so … next year to Japan will be my last trip.
So, I will spend many months there"

However, it seems Takata-sensei never got the opportunity to return again to Japan, as she had intended, to teach levels two and three.

The reasons behind this are not clear, but possibly can be put down to health...

Now, sadly the specific details – i.e. precisely where Takata-sensei taught those Reiki classes, and the full list of names of the men and women who were first introduced to the wonderful art of Reiki during these classes, does not seem to have survived.

However, thanks to a generous grant from the “North Minnesota Shiki Ryoho Historical Research Society” back in 2008, we were able to commission the Tokyo-based, Uso Kara Deta Makoto Private Investigations Agency, to look into the matter.

We are now immensely pleased to announce that, after almost three years of meticulous research and investigation, the first phase of their investigations is complete.

This past month we have been carefully absorbing the information detailed in the 387-page report compiled by the Agency, and we are proud to be able to announce that they have managed to reconstruct an initial (if albeit partial) list of attendees from those classes.

It must be understood, that a certain amount of educated-guesswork has had to be relied upon in the compilation of the list, and as such, it is of course subject to possible revision.

However, we are hopeful that, on completion of the second phase of their investigation, the Agency will be able to provide a fuller list, and, correct any inaccuracies which might have accidentally crept into the current version.

A (tentative) list of people first introduced to Reiki as a result of attending Usui Shiki Ryoho
level 1 classes provided by Hawayo Takata in Japan, 1975.

Attendees listed in no particular order. [Age, where known, given in brackets]

Usui Shiki Ryoho students Japan 1975


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